7 Side Effects of Hair Straightening


Normally, using any external and unnatural agent on the body may lead to possible side effects. Hair straightening is no exception. The different methods of hair straightening include direct heat and harsh chemicals which may prove dangerous at times. You cannot be sure of the product being used by your stylist.

Here are some side effects which can be caused by Straightening Hair

1. Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is more likely when your hair becomes dry from straightening. Again, this relates to both heat tools and chemical relaxants. These practices weaken the hair strands, making them easier to break. Often, the breakage encourages split ends, which looks unpleasant. Over brushing, blow drying, and handling wet hair can also cause split ends.

2. Allergy

One of the most common risks of hair straightening is an allergy to the products used. Like any other chemical used on your skin, the hair straightening products are also the same and you might develop an allergy if it doesn’t suit you. You need to know the brand and what it contains before you allow the stylist to apply it on you.

3. Hairfall

When you consider hair care, one of the main things taken into consideration is to make sure that you do not have any hairfall. But, hair straightening will experience this, especially when they have used poor quality chemicals and improper techniques. Straightening iron breaks the hair from the roots and in long term the hair follicles become weak and continue to fall. Try these home treatments for hairfall.

4. Dry Hair

The most important hair care tip is to avoid dryness of the hair. Unfortunately, the main side effect of hair straightening is that it will cause the hair to dry out and the use of a hair dryer will only worsen the situation. The natural moisture will be sucked out and will look dull and frizzy every time you step out.

5. Hair Frizziness

To tame frizziness, avoid frequent straightening. Always use a conditioner on the bottom half of your hair. You can also make a hair mask with coconut oil, milk, or olive oil for moisturizing benefits.

6. Dull Hair

Another side effect of straightening is dull hair. Dull and dry hair doesn’t have a lot of shine, and it won’t look very healthy. This is caused by the lack of natural oils from the scalp. Without enough moisture, the hair will look bland.

7. Prickly Scalp

Even your skin can take a hit. As soon as hair sacs die from straightening, there is not enough oil to moisturize the scalp. It’ll feel dry and itchy, and might even start to flake. The adjoining areas such as forehead and neck may also be affected.

Here are 6 Ways to Straighten Your Hair Naturally.

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