5 Ways to reuse your Wedding Lehenga


A women’s wedding dress is probably the most expensive outfit of their life. But what happens to it after using it only one time? They often think they will use it later, but do they? No, they don’t. It is carefully stored in a box and locked up in the closet. Well, now there is no need to store your lehenga set because there are plenty of ways to recycle and style it.

Pair the heavy blouse with a plain Lehenga

The bridal blouse and lehenga, both can be equally heavy, embroidered, and embellished. Hence its weight is why most women can only wear it once. However, to reutilize your lehenga set you can pair the blouse with a plain lehenga for a minimalistic look that you can rock at a family wedding or party.

Pair lehenga with a button-down shirt

If you want to look casual but trendy then pair a white button-down shirt with a lehenga. Why a white button-down shirt? Because it is the best option that will go well with every pattern, color, and fabric.

Pair a heavy lehenga with a plain saree

The newly wedded bridal has to often wear sarees in various ceremonies. And what’s better than pairing a plain saree with a heavy lehenga. This is a perfect way to reuse your bridal lehenga.

Wear It as A Long Gown

You can stitch the wedding blouse along with the simple but trendy skirt and wear it as a floor-length gown. This will take the look to a whole new level.

Mix and match every element separately

Pair your heavy wedding dupatta with a plain shalwar kameez or pair the embellished lehenga with a plain blouse or heavy blouse with a plain saree or raw silk skirt and voila! You can have 4 different outfit options if you just mix and match your wedding outfit!


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