Limit The Sorry But Not The Saree


Unfortunately, for us Pakistanis we restrict ourselves from wearing sarees only on special occasions, such as our graduation ceremonies or someone’s wedding reception.

We have also heard the “don’t wear a saree until married” statement. No idea what that is even supposed to mean but apparently sarees are only for the married women. Sorry, all the single ladies!

And if you are lucky to survive till old age, then you would be ‘allowed’ to wear sarees. Yes, when you have gracefully aged. Remember how our nanis and dadis wear sarees everywhere?

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But it’s time to change that and in fact, take some inspiration from our grandmothers and wear sarees to places we wouldn’t dare to otherwise.

Yes. Offices, casual hangouts with the girls or even a formal dinner. Get that saree out, as it is the perfect outfit for any occasion. And you don’t even have to accessorize it much ’cause it makes a statement of its own. All you have to do is carry the confidence to wear it and you are good to go.

Here are 5 types of sarees that you can wear everywhere:

  1. The Blazer Saree

2. The Cotton Saree

3. The Summer Saree

4. The Old-School Saree

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5. The Silk Saree

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