Your Guide to Vagina-Friendly Underwear


The vagina-vulva area is one of the most sensitive areas on a female’s body and it is important to prioritize comfort and it deserves a lot of care and attention especially when it comes to your panty purchase. Below are some important things to know about vagina-friendly underwear.


One of the first steps, of course, is to pay attention to the underwear’s fabric that is in contact with that area all day. The safest, most comfortable fabric option to choose is definitely natural fabric that is cotton.

Wearing underwear made of synthetic and chemical-treated fabrics like polyester, spandex, or viscose can cause problems like:

  • Trapping moisture
  • Increase risk of bacteria and yeast infection
  • Irritating your Ulva


You don’t have to restrict yourself from basic cotton underwear all the time. In fact, a study found the wearing well-fitted and attractive underwear can actually boost your mood. It’s okay to sometimes wear underwear like thongs, or lacey underwear, often made of synthetic material, but be sure to not use it daily.



Many people experience excessive vaginal discharge at certain points of the menstrual cycle. To keep your vulva dry and fresh, aim to change your underwear at least every day or twice a day. It is also recommended to replace your underwear stock every year. If you feel that’s too much, aim to get rid of the most worn pieces first.


Aim to wash your underwear separately from your other clothes and handle them gently. Also, look into using hypoallergenic soap to wash them as regular detergent is very harsh and strong. If you have a sensitive vagina-vulva area, consider reducing the number of chemicals you use to wash your underwear.



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