5 Ways You Can Set Up Cozy Corners In Your House


The idea of home for many is peace, a place or a person where one goes back to after a long day of work to unwind. However, in Pakistan many of us live in joint families with our parents and siblings, or sometimes extended families. This makes it difficult for us to have a room where we can just sip coffee or read a book in peace to unwind. Or rather de-stress.

However, this does not mean that we deprive ourselves from the little pleasures of having cozy and comfortable corners in our homes. Just by making simple changes in our bedrooms or lounge areas, we can set up a place for us to come home to.

Here are five things you can do to set up cozy corners in your house:

1. Lounge next to the bookshelf

If you are someone who loves reading then get yourself a bookshelf, if you don’t have one already, and place it in a corner of the room with a light stand and a comfy sofa.

This can be a place where you come sit and get lost in the world of fantasy after a tiring day at work.

2. Forget the pain next to the windowpane

Setting up a corner next to the windowpane helps you be close to natural lighting and fresh air. Just being around nature helps us become calm and connect with ourselves better.

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The best way to make most of the window setting, is placing a sofa with a foot rest and a coffee table. So that you can sip on your coffee while looking outside at the world.

3. A corner setting for two

Some of us would like to have a corner for two to enjoy our morning tea with some company. And for that you can set up a coffee table in one corner of your bedroom and place two wing chairs next to the window.

Place some magazines and newspapers on the table and talk for hours with a loved one to relax.

4. Terrace reading nook

If just being next to the window for some connection with the nature isn’t working for you, then set up a small cozy place on the terrace.

To make most of being in the fresh air, invest in an outdoor patio swing set and a throw blanket. Get a book and read while swinging to the rhythm of the wind.

5. Kitchen Corners

Most houses now have open kitchens, as cooking shouldn’t be a job in isolation. While the smoke from all the cooking might bother us, the counter space always being filled with delicious dishes make it all worth it. And who doesn’t want to sit right next to where all the food is?

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So, for the love of food and peace, setting up a cozy nook right next to the counter space is the best option. Get a corner table and place a lounge chair next to it. You can either place the two inside the kitchen if there is enough space or right next to the counter station.

And just with a small little change, come back home to the goodness of home-cooked food and some me-time.

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