The Truth About Double Chin – What Is Really Causing It?


A double chin can sneak up on you at any time. There are many causes for a double chin, such as age, genetics, hormonal or weight gain. Accumulated fat around the chin area is one of the main reasons for double chin, but there are other reasons too.

Skin laxity

When the skin losses its firmness and structure, it causes it to sag down and accumulate under your chin. This happens because your muscles aren’t that strong in the face – causing the skin to sag and fall down due to no proper-healthy foundation.

Stomach for your face

According to research, the under the chin area is a fat deposit place just like the stomach for your body. However, as the muscles aren’t strong, the fat has nothing that holds it up in the right areas and starts depositing in the stomach of your face- under the chin.

Hormonal double chin

Most of the body water retention takes place in the stomach or settles into the area under the chin in the lymph causing it to bloat up. This also happens to people who have thyroid, kidney issues, cortisol levels.

Remedies for a Double Chin

There are several remedies that you can try that may help minimize your double chin.

  • Minimize your screen time. Even if you are using a phone, pay attention to your posture and try to keep your spine and neck as straight as possible.
  • Exercise and weight loss can help to reduce your double chin. There are also many exercises that can tighten the facial and neck muscles. Even chewing gum can help by exercising the muscles of the jaw.
  • There are also several medical options to get rid of chin fat, such as liposculpture, CoolSculpting and mesotherapy.
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