The most popular item for women is bracelets!


Among many jewelry, the most favored by women is the bracelet. Walking on the street, take a careful look at the woman’s wrist, and eight or nine will wear a bracelet, regardless of the style and texture, as if women and bracelets have a natural fate.

Like earrings, necklaces and rings, bracelets are used as a kind of jewelry. They are decorated as a matching accessory for clothing. People use it as art objects to decorate themselves. As a means of dressing up their personal style and hobbies, and are being accepted by more and more people. When wearing a bracelet, its aesthetic function is often rank the first.

Bracelets have many titles in ancient times, “tripping” is one of them. There is a story in the book “The Tang Dynasty Chronicles”. Emperor Wenzong of Tang once asked the ministers: “There are ‘Light jacket tripping’ in the ancient poetry, do any of you know what a “tripping” is? No one can answer. Emperor Wenzong of Tang told them: “Tripping is bracelet of today.” In ancient literary works, it is commonly to see the plots that women gave their lovers bracelets as a token.

Nowadays, the function of the bracelet as a token is getting weaker and thinner, but it is still the most beautiful scenery on the wrists of girls. Classicism and contemporary are in inadvertently and secretly link together. The girl wearing a bracelet nowadays may not know the jade bracelet on the ancient women wrist is often burdened with the oath.

Bracelets can be divided into round bars and flat bars jewelry. It can also be divided into round and princess bracelets. It also can be divided into carved, plain and other types. The thickness of the bar opening referred to the width of the wall of the bracelet. It is worth mentioning that most of the carved jade bracelets we encounter have cracked surfaces and need to be decorated with engraving. If there is a serious break, it is not worth collecting.
In addition to the type and color of the jade bracelet, the easiest to choose the jade bracelet is to look at its foundation (the foundation is the rest of the green). Under normal circumstances, the green part of the emerald will be very good, very transparent, but the non-green part of the species will be particularly dry, not transparent, this is the so-called “Where the dragon comes, there is water.” The green color is a metaphor for a dragon, and it is better to have water in places where there is green.) The two bracelets with the same green parts may have many times the price difference due to different foundations.

The price of the bracelet with different shade of color also can have very big difference. The price of bright colors will be high, the price of relatively dim color will be much lower. There is also the convergence of colors, the more colors on the bracelet, the better. In addition, it depends on whether the color of the bracelet is segment green or full green. The full green bracelet can never be made into a segment green. Usually, the full green bracelet is much higher than the segment green bracelet.

The splitting of the jade bracelet is easier to see when looking at the light, but sometimes the stone and color paths in the bracelet are easily seen as splits, and you need to distinguish in practice. The surface looks flawless, it is probably a bad kind. It is not easy to see the problems inside the jade, and it is easy to get it wrong when choosing the personalized name bracelets. The better the jade, the clearer the interior, the more obvious the phenomenon of cleft palate.

The bracelets with same kind and same color, due to the difference in width and thickness, the price will be different. In general, the price of the wide materials is higher. The thin thickness is reflected in the cross section of the bracelet as “high and low”, and the high-grade bracelet must be thicker and fuller.
The inner diameter of the bracelet will also affect the price. The bracelet with same kind and same color, the larger the circle, the higher the price.
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