Life Difficulties – Causes And Consequences

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Joining university is everyone’s dream and that is why high school students work hard to join. University life is exciting as you get to meet people from various parts of the world and make new friends. but at the same time,it can be challenging and messy if not well managed.


Many join universities but years-later some drop out due to various reasons while others discontinue either due to poor academic performances or indiscipline. All the same, those who stay focused graduate with good grades and secure jobs.


Whether you have been dreaming of joining university or you are already a continuing student, one encounters several challenges in the course of their studies. Some of them are problems of their own making while others are due to circumstances. Nevertheless, it is how you handle them that will determine your success. The following are some of the most common challenges encountered:


1.      Social Adjustment Challenges

Even if you are a continuing student and have been on vacations for several months, you will have a hard time to settle down for the semester. The situation can be even harder for new students as they are yet to find out how to deal with these challenges as the environment is new to them.Besides, since students come from different regions with different cultural practices, new students experience cultural shock and it takes time for them to learn and appreciate these seemingly odd cultural practices.


Apart from that, there are unique cultural practice sin colleges that new students must adapt to feel like they are part and parcel but worry not as with time you will learn and acclimatize.


2.      Homesickness

People are social beings and overtime develop strong bonds with their loved ones and if one moves away from the rest, they start missing going home and this is what is referred to as homesickness. Sometimes the situation gets so bad that you cannot even concentrate on your studies.But fortunately through modern technologies, you can interact with your loved ones using mobile devices,such as computers and smartphones. For instance, by using applications such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, telegram etc. you can video call and speak with someone who is hundreds of miles away over the internet as you face each other.


3.      Academic Pressures

Financing college education is not easy especially if you don’t secure sponsorship or loan from the government. Some families sell their valued assets to educate their children hoping that they would study well, graduate and secure good jobs. As a parent, there is no way you can make those sacrifices and not expect your child to perform well. Due to this, you are obligated to perform for them to have faith in you and continue funding you.


Apart from pressure from parents, the college expects you to perform as required or else you will not graduate. So, even if you are free to do whatever you wish at the university, the pressure to perform moderates or regulates everything.


However, nowadays you can improve your academic success greatly by getting online assistance from various writing companies offering academic help. Unlike in the past, today you can buy essays for college online with just a click of a mouse.



4.      Housing Problems

Although universities have been investing heavily in infrastructure to host students, availability of hostels still remains a challenge. This is partly because of the high number of people joining universities each year.And even if you manage to secure one, it may not meet the conditions you would want and in some cases,students are forced to share it with others some of whom are strangers. Nevertheless, if you want to get a hostel, book one in advance or else be prepared to look for one outside your school but again you will have to factor the distance, security and transport means.


5.      Irresponsible Behaviors

Most students engage in irresponsible behaviors once they get into colleges. This is perhaps because prior to this they were under parental supervision and now they are on their own. They think it is now time to experiment with life and fulfill their fantasies.


Some become parents even before they graduate and those who are not lucky get HIV/Aids due to irresponsible sexual behaviors. Others turn to drugs and substances abuse and in the process get hooked. For this reason, it is advisable for one to be extra cautious and avoid peer influence that may negatively impact their lives.


As indicated above, though some of these challenges are normal, some happen due to peer influence and thus one should check their company or who you trust as you may join university but fail to graduate.

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