5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Teeth Healthy


Despite tooth strength, the enamel of the tooth can get eroded. It might leave young teeth susceptible to oral disease. This might further lead to cavities and tooth decay. Good and healthy oral practices do not take much time but work towards giving you a very beautiful smile and long term dental health.  According to Subiaco Dental Practice here are some tips that will help you in maintaining oral health:

Flossing and Brushing Regularly

Sometimes food particles are left in between your teeth that encourage bacteria to grow and cause cavities. That’s why 90% doctors recommend brushing twice per day. Brushing twice per day helps you to clean food particles from the rear area of the teeth. If you are brushing more than 2 times in a day then it will remove the enamel layer of your teeth that are protecting your teeth. When your teeth enamel is removed than it exposes a layer of dentin on your teeth. Dentin is what creates tiny holes in your teeth and in result you might feel different sorts of pain,

Drink plenty of water

Water is very good for your health as well as for your teeth because it is a very important tool that acts against cavities. By drinking plenty of water you can save your tooth enamel, it can also produce more saliva that can naturally clean food particles and debris. In this way your mouth gives you healthy pH levels. Make sure that you are drinking more water than other drinks because water will make your teeth enamel strong.

Wash your teeth after meals

After having a meal, the very first thing you have to do is to rinse your teeth immediately. You have to use clean water and allow it to rinse your teeth for 30 seconds and then throw out in the sink. This will protect the teeth from enamel erosion and from acidity.

Use fluoride toothpaste instead of normal

Try to use fluoridated toothpaste instead of normal daily toothpaste because this kind of toothpaste helps you to make your tooth enamel strong and lowers the risk of acidic damage and decaying. Your normal toothpaste is not as good for your tooth enamel because that toothpaste doesn’t have fluoride in the amount which your teeth demand.

Lower the use of soft drinks and junk food

If you consume sugar free food and drinks, then your teeth can be protected from cavities and the erosion of enamel. However, if you consume sugar in your daily food and drinks then it will feed bacterial growth that will be dangerous for your health, so try to check the sugar level of soft drinks and snacks that you are buying and avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice.

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