Oil Pulling for Oral Health


Oil pulling is a traditional and extremely effective practice that involves swirling oil in your mouth to remove bacteria and germs. Studies have shown that oil pulling can kill many bacterias in the mouth and promote oral hygiene.

Did you know that there are about 700 types of bacteria living inside the mouth of a human being and up to 350 of them can be found in the mouth all the time? Yes, this is true, and these bacteria can cause major problems like gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, and many more.

This ancient practice can help you reduce any harmful bacteria in the mouth and will make your teeth healthy looking.

Oils that are Best for Oil Pulling

  1. Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Wood Pressed Sesame Oil
  3. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  4. Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil

Method of Oil Pulling

  1. Measure and put 30 ml of oil in your mouth
  2. Swish it around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, being careful not to swallow any
  3. Spit the oil out once you’re done with swishing
  4. Rinse your mouth well using water
  5. Do it 3-4 times a week for the best benefits

Benefits of Oil Pulling

Reduce Bad Breath

Halitosis, also known as bad breath, happens when bacteria get trapped inside the tongue which can cause tongue coating hence resulting in bad breath. Oil pulling is a really effective and natural alternative to reduce bad breath.

Prevent Cavities

Cavities are the most common problem suffered by many people. It happens due to eating too much sugar and not taking proper care of oral hygiene which can result in a building up of bacteria, causing holes in the teeth. so, now is the right time to get on with the oil pulling method to prevent tooth decay and reduce the risk of cavity formation.

Reduce Inflammation & Improve Gum Health

Gum inflammation means that it can easily bleed, also known as gingivitis. Oil pulling is an effective remedy to improve gum health and reduce inflammation.


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