Best Foods for Healthy Teeth


Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

Complete oral care must be part of your daily routine. It extends beyond flossing and brushing. People think that having a visit to the dentist and getting regular checkups is enough. But this is never enough. Your oral health demands a lot from you. There are lists of habits that you need to bring in to your life to make sure that your smile is brighter and as always, beautiful.

The health of your teeth also depends on the food you eat. Yes! You never know which thing is affecting your teeth negatively. So it is better to prevent the issues rather than spending dollars on the treatments. Here are some of the supercharged foods that are found to be very much healthy and they help extensively in having healthier gums:


The thing that is on the top of the list is calcium. You need a proper portion of calcium for your teeth. It gives protection to gums and teeth from a number of diseases. But the issue is that your body is not able to absorb the proper amount of calcium if you do not have sufficient levels of vitamin D. To get vitamin D, you can eat fish like Salmon to fulfill the need. It is going to make your teeth stronger indirectly but of course along with it you must have a supplement that contains calcium. You can take help from the doctors near you like Smile Doctor to get some suggestion what your body really need.


It might be a little surprising to know that you need oranges, but why? Well, it contains vitamin C that helps in the vessels strengthening and for the connection of tissues. Furthermore, it slows down gum disease progression by reducing inflammation. So, grab some fresh oranges to eat or drink its juice to get healthier gums.

Water Is Essential

You might know that the saliva in your mouth is made from 99.5% water. If you do not drink enough water on a daily basis then your body will get dehydrated which will thicken saliva and further wreak havoc in the mouth. It is very necessary to have at least 7-8 glass of water daily. It is not only for your oral health but also for the body to efficiently function.

Green/Black Tea Works

Green tea and black tea both contain polyphenols that interact with the bacteria causing plaque. It kills them. The bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar, once you eat sugary things they get their food and start secreting tooth enamel acids. Green tea is found to be best for such issues. You can have it any time: before meal or after, whenever you feel like it. It is not only for dental health but just like water, it is beneficial for people who suffer from obesity. Make a habit of having green tea. 2-3 cups of green tea can be really healthy and everyone wants a healthier looking smile. It is up to you which brand you prefer for the tea a number of them are available in the market.

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