5 things every new medical students should know

With the hectic day-to-day routine of medical professionals and doctors, even senior medical students can sometimes forget the disorientation that follows at the beginning of medical school.

Keeping in mind the expected output from every student, coupled with flaws inherent in the education system, one can see why this disillusionment exists. In order to curb this, here are a few tips for all newcomers which will help them conquer this field of medicine.


At times, professional education is treated as a continuation of normal schooling. The first step is to draw a distinction between the two. Understanding the difference between them is to understand the demand for a higher level of performance and a different kind of decorum—and not to be at a loss when it is expected of you.


The second step is to translate that understanding into action. Consistent studying and regular revisions – though not necessary in school – is the key to a good start in medical education. This is especially important considering the relevance of almost every topic of study to diagnosis and its possible impact on future patients.


Thirdly, it should be remembered that as we go further down the road of medical schooling, the level of difficulty increases and with it the number of hours we’re expected to contribute per day to maintain the same performance. In order to save time and energy, it’s important to polish the quality of studying over the quantity. Focus and complete attention (both in and out of lecture halls) pave the way for a stronger grip over the material in a shorter time, regardless of any individual’s studying methodology.


One should also take a moment to realize the vastness of medical topics of study. A change from school and college: you will not be taught these topics in their entirety, so to prepare yourself for this idea before having to face it in the examination hall. Instead of panicking, it is essential to reinforce the things that have been taught and strengthen concepts so as to be capable of making solid deductions even about the new problems you encounter.


Ultimately thriving in such a competitive environment depends on the reminder that a medical career is a belief system; its basic determinant is the belief that human life is worth something. Remember the initial sentiment that brought you here, to overcome the doubt that takes root after experiencing the reality of medical education.

This is the start of a beautiful journey. Make sure you guys enjoy it!

About the author: Mahnoor Islam is a first-year MBBS student currently enrolled in Dow Medical College.

Article source AFP

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