Zodiac Signs That Are Very Good Listeners


Being a good listener is one of the most important qualities anyone can have! Below we have gathered all the zodiac signs that we believe are very good listeners.


Virgo is a great fixer when it comes to solving any issues. They are problem-solving strategists, they will get to the roots of the problem and find the solution that works best. Bonus point Virgo can be a great hugger!


Cancer is an expert when it comes to giving emotional shelter to loved ones. They don’t leave any chance to show support to people and to love them. Cancer can easily identify people in need before they even say anything. With good listening power, they are hilarious as well, they will crack jokes to lighten the mood and cheer them up.


Taurus will hear both sides of the story as an unbiased person. They are best at giving deep insights that people in need would probably not get from others.


Libra is the best counselor one can ask for. When you are having problems and you want a mediator to solve the problem then you should always go to Libra. They will hear every side of the story and come to a solution that suits everyone without being unfair.


Scorpio loves dramas, stories, conflicts, and all the juicy details. They are the best at keeping secrets. Yes, sometimes Scorpio is only interested in entertainment but if your trusted friend is a Scorpio then you couldn’t have asked for a better company.


Pisces is empathic. They can easily pick up on emotions and expressions even before you think about telling them. They have a non-judgemental nature which makes the other feel safe when they are venting about their problems.

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