Best Time to Workout


With our busy schedules, it’s hard to find the time to exercise. But, unfortunately, we also have to find time to exercise between juggling a career, social life, and binge-watching our favorite series. So, let’s find out what’s the best time of the day to work out.

There’s some evidence that working out in the late afternoon is most beneficial. But contrary to this, your progress also depends on other factors like your lifestyle, consistency, habits, choice, etc.

Other considerations for workout timings

  1. Pre-workout meals: This plays an important role. Some people can work out on an empty stomach, while some require something to eat as a pre-workout meal. Those who work out in the morning have to worry about pre-workout meals, but someone working out in the afternoon or evening would already have enough nutrients for an effective workout.
  2. Habits and Lifestyle: Sometimes, lifestyle requires a person to work out at a specific time because of their work or practices. Individuals working night shift night find it hard to work out in the morning; on the other hand, if one is a late riser, they might prefer workouts that fit their routine better late in the day.
  3. Weather: This also plays a crucial role. Some individuals find it hard to work out in hot weather; some find it hard to work out in the cold. Some find it more accessible in the morning while some in the evening due to the shift in temperature during different seasons.

Workouts should add quality to your life and not make you stressed and extremely tired. Recalibrate your workout routine around your lifestyle to make sure you can adhere to it, in the long run, to get the best out of it.


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