Eat These Foods If You Are Trying to Get Pregnant


Did you know that certain foods can boost fertility? Shocking right! Food choices and lifestyle can majorly affect women’s fertility cycle. Below are few powerful foods that can help you to get pregnant.

Whole Wheat Foods

When you are trying to conceive, say no to all the white options, rather choose brown options bread such as brown bread, brown rice, and whole-wheat pasta. Why? Because, complex carbs take longer than refined ones to digest, helping to keep blood sugar stable that results in high insulin levels hence resulting in ovulation.


Beans are fertility-booster food. Studies have shown that women who consume animal protein have a 39% chance of infertility. But women who consume plant protein are likely to have less trouble trying to conceive. This proves that beans are a superfood especially when it comes to women’s health.

Ice cream

Ice-cream? Yes, you have heard that right. Whole milk products such as ice cream can protect women against ovulatory infertility. Hence, one or two servings of whole milk such as pure, homemade ice cream can be extremely beneficial in terms of women’s health.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins are high in non-heme iron; this is the type of iron found in certain plant food & in non-fortified foods which is a great fertility booster. You just have to toast pumpkin seeds in an oven, store them in a mason jar and consume it as a crunchy snack.

Avoid Trans Fat

An immense amount of junk food and sugar not only have no nutrition benefit but also contains trans fat which can decrease the body’s ability to react to insulin, making you more prone to irregular ovulation.

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