5 Ways to Prevent UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections)


Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs are a bacterial infection that occurs in your bladder or urethra (the opening of urine). Women are often more vulnerable to UTIs because the urethra, vagina, and anus are close to each other and can exchange harmful bacteria.

UTIs often come back one after the other and can cause painful urination and pain in the lower pelvic area. But there are ways you can prevent this infection. Here are some easy hacks you should follow to avoid the risk of having UITs.

Take Care of Your Gut Health

You can take care of your health by consuming more cranberries and probiotics like yogurt. Such foods help secrets healthy bacteria in your urinary tract.

Wipe From Front to Back

Your anus is the main source of bad bacteria. When wiping your genitals, start wiping from the front (urethra) to the back (anus) so that there is no transfer.

No Harsh Soaps Down There!

Using harsh soaps, deodorants and even loofah to ‘clean’ your vagina can do more harm than good! Use gentler soap or cleanser to clean yourself down there. Always remember: your vagina is a self-cleaning organ.

Don’t Hold Your Pee!

Holding your pee for long can actually lead to an increase in bacteria growth. Sex can also introduce new bacteria which should be flushed right away to prevent UTIs.

Always Hydrate Yourself!

Drinking plenty of fluids is important as it will help you flush out the bad bacteria in your system. Be sure o avoid drinking too many caffeinated drinks as that can irritate the bladder. So, if you are reading this, grab yourself a glass of water to drink right now!

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