5 Safety Tips To Help You Survive The Rain


It doesn’t rain much in Karachi, but when it does there is no stopping it. The rainfall experienced yesterday, July 29th, left all of Karachi looking pretty and pleasant but it did come with a cost. Complete blackout, urban flooding and traffic jam. It also led to 11 people being killed in rain-related accidents.

So, to avoid the dangers that come with a heavy downpour in Karachi, here is a list of safety tips.

  1. Avoid unnecessary travel

Yes, we know, going out in the rain is one of the ways to enjoy the weather but would you want to be stuck in the middle of the road if the car breaks down?

The continuous rainfall has flooded most of the areas around the city, thanks to the lack of drainage system in the city. So, unless you want to experience Venice in Karachi, stay home and stay safe.

  1. Stay away from electric wires

Unfortunately, according to the news at least two people died of electrocution in Karachi yesterday. While we may love taking a stroll in the rain, water acts as a conductor of electricity. And there is no denying the fact that electric wires across the city are poorly installed.

  1. Look for a shelter

If you are out and are stuck in the rain then look for a shelter to stay under. However, avoid taking shelter under a tree as there is always a risk of it falling over.

So, stay put under a shelter till you think the rain has subsided a little for you to be able to leave safely.

Also, if you are in the car and the visibility is poor, it is best to pull over and switch the hazard lights on. Leave only when the visibility or traction on the road improves.

  1. Don’t leave plugs on

While it is wise to stay indoors, it is also important to make sure that all electric wiring in the house is not continuously plugged on, especially if there is a forecast of lightening or a storm.

The power surge of a lightning strike can easily overload most appliances and devices. It’s best to unplug these before the storm arrives.

  1. Be prepared for the floods

The Met office has issued flood warnings as it is expected to rain throughout today and tomorrow (July 30th and 31st). In such a case it is sensible to purchase non-perishable food items and other necessities to be able to survive a few days.

And remember, if flooding occurs, turn of gas and electricity first.

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