Here is What You Need to Know Before Going For Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

It's pricey but provides a more long-term relief.


Body hair becomes an inconvenience as soon as we hit our mid to late teens. And so begins our hair removal journey involving nosey parlor aunties that body shame us, waxing walis that are often unavailable and razors that leave painful cuts when you least expect it. And a week or so later, you have to go through it all over again

Laser removal is a popular and effective solution to all of these never-ending problems. Although pricey, it provides a more long-term relief from constant costs and inconveniences of hair removal. So, if this is an option you’ve decided to pursue, we’re here to give you all the important deets on what to expect and be prepared for.

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Research, research, research!

Laser hair removal is a complex medical treatment which requires the professionals to have proper training and expertise. So, it’s important to research your doctor and catch up on reviews for the place you have picked to go to.

What’s the procedure?

Laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light to remove the hair. The laser is absorbed by the pigment in your hair and it damages the hair follicles that produce hair. This damage leads to shedding of hair and inhibits future hair growth.

You normally need two to seven sessions depending on area and hair growth. This may span over a number of weeks.

Is it effective and permanent?

The laser works with the contrast between your skin and hair color. So, it’s most effective with light skin and dark hair.

It is not a permanent solution to hair removal though. Since the body tends to heal, it’s important to continue maintenance treatments.

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What are the side effects?

There are not a lot of side effects but it is important to be mindful of skincare before and after the treatment. If you’ve had any skin problems or allergies before, it’s important to disclose those to your doctor.

Your doctor will advise you to stay away from the sun weeks prior to and after the treatment.

After your session your skin may look sunburnt, there may be swelling or redness. But that will go away after some time. Your skin color may also briefly change.

Some people may experience crusting in the areas that were treated. Consult your doctor about this so he or she can determine whether there is a reason to be concerned.

But overall, it’s a quick and easy procedure to have, and there isn’t a lot to worry about. And it results in soft, silky skin, making the entire procedure 100% worth it!



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