5 Gym Wear Essentials We’re Fancying RN.


Gym-goers very well understand the struggle of finding nice and good quality active wear in Pakistan. This is one reason why when we come across something that is worth having we find it hard not to share it with you. Here are 5 gym wear essentials we’re currently fancying and would like to flaunt at our next sweat session.

1. Basic Tights

Haraka is a fairly new brand on the block and has a contemporary line of active wear. Needless to say their basic tights in blue and black colours are on our list of must-haves.

2. Easy Breezy Tank Tops

gym wear

If you spend an hour or two everyday in the gym, you probably understand the value of tank tops. And what’s better than getting one with cool slogans on them, here’s one from Peach Wear we’re totally eye-ing for our next purchase.

3. Sweat-resistant Tees

gym wearSweat-resistant t-shirts and tights are a necessity in the humid weather of Pakistan. The best deal is when there’s affordability and quality, this dark purple sweat-resistant tee by ONE has made the cut for us.

4. Sassy Gym Bags

gym wear

Going to gym without a gym bag is without a doubt…well quite boring but we’re here to help you in case you’re a little lost. If latest trends are to be followed, you can pick a backpack as your gym bag and be sassier than the rest.


5. Wireless Headphones

gym wearAccording to us working out and music are inseparable and for that precise reason, headphones are a must-have. Although they maybe a little hefty on your pocket, wireless headphones by Beats are totally worth having to make your gym session enjoyable and fun.


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