International Women’s Day- The Muse of a Woman


Dear Ladies,

It’s an international announcement on March 8th of every year to be a day-of-ours. There are many women around, from those who have won the Nobel Prize, to those who run a business, but this time of the year, I’ll reflect those incredible women around me who have influenced me the most.

Ever since I was little, and even growing up to this age, I have not only been nurtured, but taught to be like a lady. I have been told to think within boundaries, to know what limits are and what I can and cannot do. Each time I really pondered upon all this, I felt a terrible shriek within me, telling me; “You’re not just a girl, you are what you make yourself. A wonder woman, a lover, a soulmate, a gladiator and so on.”

So, every time you are told you cannot do something, ask yourself first, ‘can you?’ You will find it much easier to go on by that mantra in life. When I look here and there to the women in my personal life, I am astonished by each and every single one of them.

Starting from my mother:

I do not blame her for what she teaches, because she is just preaching what she has learned all her life. However, little does she know, her daughter is more capable than she thinks she is. All my mother needs to really understand is that the wings that had been clipped by the women in her life, are making her daughter fly high. I have watched her ways for years and respect her presence more than ever, for I wish to make her proud, and fulfill the dreams she once dreamt, but could not achieve.

My best-friends:

These girls are the blessings I cherish each and every day. It is true when they say, a woman is the best reflection to another. These are my ‘mirror mirror on the wall’. For the ladies that are deprived of such a bond, it is never too late to take a leap of faith and extend a hand to another women. Get past the jealousy and the competition, love and respect to take it up a notch, the anthem, ‘who runs the world, girls.’

My teachers:

Teaching more than number and alphabets, these women share the experiences of the life they’ve so far had. But never think of yourself old my darling, for you too are learning in the same world. Reunite you must, not to the occupation, but embrace the real wants and desires to be evergreen as you can be. Because what you pass on today as a lesson will go far with another, to the journey they are destined.

And last but not least, all the sisters out there:

One thing for sure, imprint this in your heart; never give up on yourself. You are your only truth. You will fall, many times indeed. You will have scars and bruises, but only take them to be as precious as your good memories. Walk over the obstacles in your way. Don’t think twice about what you want to be but, who you want to be. You are your own identity, you’re a remarkable soul. Trust me, science has proven this, you’re stronger than any species out there, if you just put your mind, heart and soul into it.

You’re a wonder-woman and that’s more than enough to be a celebration. Happy Women’s Day.



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