Basics of Body Language

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Psychological studies have found that 60% to 80% of communication is carried out by non-verbal means of expression, and the remaining small part is transmitted verbally

This research data should make you think about the importance of “dance” gestures, your facial expressions or intonation during communication.

Therefore, in this article, we will pay attention to the interpretation and understanding of body language, which we all use without even realizing it. After all, the peculiarity of the body language is that it comes from our subconscious and it is difficult to forget it.

Words, influencing our consciousness, carry not only reliable information, but can deceive as well.

“Dance” of our body: gestures, facial expressions, plastic, postures, eye movement – cannot lie. They directly affect the subconscious of the interlocutor. Therefore, a skillful conversation with the sign language for a woman is a direct conversation with the male subconscious

Female body language is different from men, and women are more sensitive to body language than men.

That’s why very few husbands know how to read body language, while women are able to throw smoke in the eyes of any man, and even so that he himself will never guess about it.

So, this non-verbal communication channel is more important for “discussing” interpersonal relationships, and more often it successfully replaces words. Its manifestation and stylistics are due to the impulses of our subconscious, and because of this, one does not have to guess the sincerity of the body language the second time.

Women have an innate high sensitivity to hidden subtext, the ability to decipher nonverbal signals: postures, gestures, body movements, and facial expressions; everything that accompanies words. And the body language of women is complicated as well. Want to meet straightforward women without all of that body language stuff? Visit

As a woman, you can repel a man through non-verbal language, and create a powerful barrier to rapprochement. This will significantly reduce your attractiveness and may cause you to lose interest in the man.

Set yourself a task of at least 15 minutes a day to study and understand the gestures of other people, as well as analyze your own.

To do this, I advise you to watch the couples talk from the side, try to determine by their gestures how they relate to each other.

The commonality of their conversation with gestures will immediately show you whether they are arguing or expressing love, parting or appointing a date. And for this you do not need to hear their words. Everything will become clear if you look closely.

The second thing that is interesting and useful: watching movies or television programs, where there is communication between a guy and a girl, but turning off the sound so that it does not interfere with watching the non-verbal language of communication. This way you will learn all the needed body language examples.

Look attentively at the faces of popular seductive actresses and take from them not only the style of the blouse, but also how she “wears” the face. Professional actors use their body language to communicate.

If you have a girlfriend or a wife, read her body language. See how much seduction is in her facial expressions and gestures. Look at how she “speaks” with a man and note the reaction of men.

So, every morning before the mirror in the bathroom, look closely at your face. First, feel the muscles of your face, learn their behavior, learn to relax them, and remove the clamping.

Then try “wearing” the face that you like as that of your girlfriend or an actress. It does not matter that the facial features are different, it is important to copy facial expressions, to get the “work” face. At the same time, these mimic exercises must be accompanied by an arbitrary text corresponding to your emotions.