6 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Happy and Healthy


Relationships aren’t all rainbows and flowers. Real, long lasting relationships take time and effort. Most of the time we look at what we may think as a perfect relationship, without really knowing all the ups and downs people have to go through to get a safe point in their life with their partners. It really eventually comes down to what we point into our relationship and what we choose to leave out the door. Just because some people have a couple of arguments doesn’t mean that they aren’t happy or that they have to end it. The way to tell if a relationship is healthy or not is to look at the overall nature of it and how it makes you feel at the end of the day. Given below are a few relationship tips that can help you make your relationship healthy and flourishing

1. Communicate

Starting off with the most obvious one, communication. I am sure we’ve all heard the saying; the key to a good relationship is to communicate. Even though it’s the most generic answer, most people complain about a lack of communication in their relationship where two people can’t seem to understand each other or make themselves heard. This leads to misunderstandings, distance and can make life hard and unhappy. So talk about things. Ask them what they like, how their day was, if something bothers them and lead a more open an easy going life.

2. Give What You Want to Get

This is the most important one in my opinion. Reap what you sow can be applied to relationships too. Don’t expect your partner to make all the efforts. Tell them you appreciate them, and cook their favorite dish. All these things are something everyone wants someone to do for them, but it’s unfair to get and not give. And remember, all the effort you put into this will be reciprocated.

3. Don’t Forget the Small Things

I can understand that after you become more comfortable with your partner, things like month-anniversaries, your first date and your first gift can become quite insignificant. But you need to remember that these things are the ones that made everything so magical in the early days and have the power to bring you two closer together. So, make an effort and celebrate your love.

4. Be Spontaneous

In today’s fast pace world, we often get so caught up in our work that we forget about things that really matter. So, to break this cycle of monotony, be spontaneous, make impromptu plans for dinner, drives and heck, why not take a small vacation. Trust me when I say these things can be such a stress reliever and you’ll feel lighter and so much closer to your partner.

5. Be Their Friend

Relationships may come with some red tape, but friendships do not. If you think you’ve truly found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with then be their friend, try to understand them without judgment, share in their happiness and worry, make them laugh when they’re sad and let yourself be that safe space they would want to come back to.

6. Think Before You Scream

During an argument, try to take a moment and think about what you want to say next. Terrible things can be said in the heat of the moment which can’t be unsaid. So, it’s always better to take a step back and think about weather what you say is going to make things better or worse and then decide if staying quite is actually better in the long run. You can always make them understand your point of view when both parties are calmer and in a more stable mind set.

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