5 Signs you are Living with a Psychopath


5 Signs you are Living with a Psychopath

Just the title scares the life out of you, doesn’t it? Well, the world is a crazy place and there are many frightening people living in it. You may actually know one more closely than you could wish for. If you are having a difficult time with your spouse, then there may actually be something more wrong than you would have assumed. Good news is psychopaths give off red alerts. You just need to be willing enough to see them. Here are 5 signs that you may be living with a psychopath

5 Signs you are Living with a Psychopath1

1.      There are No Fights…at First!

This is one of the very first indications. While all around you there will be couples fighting on the littlest things, you will have absolutely no fights with your partner. This is how a psychopath works.

They ensure that you get a partner who agrees to all your quirks and tends to mirror what you seek. Hence, the reason why there are absolutely no fights in the beginning.

Other couples have their arguments, individual opinions, likes and dislikes, but a psychopath lets you have your way in the initial stages. Of course the mask falls of after some time and you are shocked by the creepiness you get to observe when everything becomes about them!

2.      It is Like Heaven

The relationship in its early stages feels like heaven. You feel you have found your perfect soul mate, a guy or girl like no other. This is a sham.

Psychiatrists claim that this is deliberately setup by psychopaths in order to get rid of all barriers between the two of you. Once you start depending on them, they start revealing who they really are and how your feelings do not matter a mite.

3.      Mystery Surrounds Them

Do you feel there is always a sense of mystery surrounding them? There seem to be little to no family members or friends, and whenever you try to talk about the past, they change the topic of conversation?

This is not a mystery, it is their way of not letting you find out about them.

Psychopaths burn bridges, never to revisit anything from the past. They never have long term relationships because they use anyone and everyone for their own good.

4.      Lying comes Naturally

If you have observed how calmly and coolly your loved one lies to others, rest assured they do the same with you.

For psychopaths lying is just as natural as telling the truth. If you have experienced it, now is the time to end the relationship!

5.      You want to be Their Savior

They will always exploit you by playing the victim card and depicting themselves as people who need saving.

This is as far from the truth as can be. Those puppy dog eyes or sad demeanor are nothing more than a facade. You can’t save them or change them, so don’t waste your time or life in trying to do that. They are parasitic in nature, living off your empathy. Don’t let them have it!

Do you find these psychopathic tendencies in your partner or someone you are living with? Get as far from them as possible!

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