10 ‘Simple’ Tips to Make Your Wife Happy


“Happy Wife, Happy life.” Simple as that! Sometimes, living by that idea can be easier said than done. But what if I tell you that the key to a happy wife isn’t as hard as you think?

Whether you’ve been married for a year or you’re approaching your 25th wedding anniversary, you must have learned one basic fact: If your wife’s not happy, then nobody’s happy!

So, we’ve got these SIMPLE TIPS (*wink*) for you to make your wife happy, and remind her why YOU were the best choice she’s ever made.

1. Tell Her that You Love Her

A simple ‘I Love You’ will work and will do wonders for sure. Saying it never loses its power; and always be sincere when telling her that how much you love her. This simple love tip will just melt her heart, and she’ll do the same for you. Let her feel that she is the one you love the most. She is the one you want to grow old with. Expressing your affection verbally is a necessity husbands!

2. Treat Your Wife Gently

Never use harsh tone and words with your wife. If you disagree with her in a conversation or have an argument with her, just don’t let your emotions control your speech and actions. Instead, remember how much she means to you and treat her with elegance.

3. Do Simple Chores

Often help your wife with the laundry, dishes and even make the bed. Simple chores show her you care about making your house feel like a home.

4. Listen Without Fixing

When she wants to share, sit and listen. Ask questions to let her dig deeper into her thoughts and emotions. Sometimes, a wife just wants to be heard, so don’t try to solve the problem unless asked. Get into the habit of listening. Women often just want to talk through their feelings, while men feel compelled to offer a quick fix. Sometimes that’s not what she wants. Just listen. You’ll figure it out.

5. Take Responsibilities

Things like taking out the trash and doing small repair jobs; make these your responsibility at home. Make sure you don’t put any additional loads on her.

6. Focus On Her Needs

Always ask what she wants to eat for dinner rather than suggesting your own preferred. “It’s her, then me”. It’s not you being a door-mat; it’s you respecting her needs.

7. Use Kind and Grateful Words

Using kind words is the verbal repetition of gentleness. Make your language sufficiently sprinkled with PLEASES and THANK YOUS. Trust me; you’d receive more of verbal appreciation from your wife than anyone else in your life. Make sure she often hears how much her actions mean to you.

8. Make Talk Time a Daily Habit

Don’t allow yourself to become so busy that you can’t spend 15 minutes a day talking to your wife. Don’t use dinnertime as a place for conversation, neither your bedtime. Take out time to talk to her. Talk, discuss and talk like just about anything. May be sitting on the sofa in the evening, or may be at tea.

9. Look Nice for Her

Shower, dress-up, style your hair, put on something nice, wear scent. Your wife will notice and appreciate when you look good.

10. Make Her a Priority

Your wife needs to know she is your priority. This is often accomplished by spending quality time with her. Put the phone aside, switch off the TV and let her know you are focused on her. Everything else can wait!

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