11 Amazing Benefits of Almond Milk You Need to Know


Almond milk has some really amazing benefits that you must know. Read to know more about the amazing health and beauty benefits of almond milk and a homemade almond milk recipe.

1. Weight loss

Almond milk helps lose weight since one glass of almond milk contains lesser calories as compared to the whole milk. It keeps you full and satisfies your sweet tooth too.

2. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Almond milk does not contain cholesterol and saturated fatty acids which lead to cardio vascular diseases. It contains healthy fats which are also present in fish. These healthy fats help prevent high blood pressure.

3. Healthy Bones with Almond Milk

Almond milk is good for women as osteoporosis is more common in them. Almond milk contains calcium and phosphorus which is essential for bones.

4. No Sugar

Almond milk does not contain any sugar or carbs, thus, it does not make changes in the blood sugar level. It also helps lose weight as the body uses carbs to get energy. Almond milk is also good to prevent diabetes.

5. No Lactose

A lot of people are lactose intolerant. Almond milk is a dairy-free source of calcium and that is why it is an amazing substitute.

6. For Arterial Walls

Almond milk contains flavonoids which come from vitamin E in almond skin. These flavonoids keep the arterial walls healthy, thus, prevent heart problems.

7. Alzheimer’s Disease

Riboflavin and L-carnitine present in almond milk boost brain activity and also decrease the risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Alkaline Nature

Almonds are so far the only nut found that contain alkaline forming proteins. This alkaline nature of almonds prevents weight gain and osteoporosis.

Alkaline Nature

9. Vitamin E

Almond milk is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which protects our body from the damage done by the free radicals. Vitamin E is good for your skin and hair. UV rays that cause damage to our skin is also prevented by vitamin E present in almond milk.

10. Hydrates Skin

We all have different types of skin. People with dry or combination skin should increase the use of almond milk. It contains vitamin B2. It helps tissues, skin, nails and hair to gain oxygen from blood. Almond milk also contains vitamin B3 which improves blood circulation. Our skin benefits a lot from proper blood circulation.

11. Anti-aging

Free radicals in the environment and our beauty products often damage our skin’s elasticity. The firmness of the skin is destroyed due to damage to elastin and collagen. As we grow older our body fails to regain the firmness, therefore, wrinkles form all over our body especially on our face and hands. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and helps prevent premature aging and nourishes our skin.

How to Make Almond Milk at Home

How to Make Almond Milk at Home


  • 1 cup raw but organic almonds with skin
  • Water
  • Vanillas extract
  • Honey
  • Dates


  1. Soak almonds in water overnight
  2. Rinse them with water and leave them to dry
  3. Grind them till they are in a powdered form
  4. Blend the almonds with water and then strain the mixture with the help of a cheese cloth
  5. Blend the strained mixture with a sweetener such as dates, honey and vanilla extract
  6. Put the mixture in the fridge to cool
  7. Serve as per desire!


Note: This mixture does not require to be refrigerated. It can be stored in room temperature.

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