Pakistani Celebrities Most Favorite Meal of The Day & What Do They Like To Eat


Most celebrities are diet conscious. Why? Because the media industry demands them to stay fit and appealing all the time. Due to this reason celebrities focus on staying on the health track rather than binging on unhealthy food.

We, being normal people look up to them for some healthy inspiration and even celebrities don’t shy away from showing their diet plans on social media platforms. Below we have gathered a list of celebrities and their favorite meal of the day.

Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omer who we all know as ‘Khubsoorat’ is indeed one of the prettiest actresses in the Pakistan media industry. She is very health conscious because of which she focuses on filling her stomach which a heavy morning breakfast. this keeps her full all day long and gives her energy. Her healthy breakfast includes yogurt, fruit, nuts, and smoothies.

Mahira Khan

In an interview, one of our top favorite actresses, Mahira Khan shared her favorite meal of the day. She shared that she loves breakfast which is high in protein, none other than eggs themselves. She usually eats 3 eggs with bread and cheese. She loves shallow fried eggs or boiled eggs.

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is known for her ravishing and gorgeous looks, the secret to her beauty is that she makes sure that she eats healthy food, especially in the morning. She loves full-packed oatmeal which includes nuts, fruits, syrup, etc. Enjoying a healthy breakfast is the reason why she looks so fresh all day long.

Humayun Saeed

Humayun Saeed is a true foodie and his favorite meal of the day is lunch. To maintain his lean physique, he avoids eating rice but loves nihari and naan. He can eat nihari every day and never get tired of it.

Faysal Qureshi

Throughout his journey, Faysal Qureshi has lost a tremendous amount of weight. And the secret behind this weight loss is Daal Roti for lunch. He focuses on taking carbohydrates as much as he can and what is better than wheat and lentils.

Maya Ali

Maya Ali isn’t much of a meal person but rather loves snacking. She focuses on consuming all the nutrition’s throughout the day by snacking on fruits like bananas, apples, or different berries and nuts.


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