The Many, Many Benefits of Lemons


Lemons are the powerhouse of the alkaline world, however they taste acidic. Lemons are delicious yet have a tangy taste, this makes lemons great at refreshing the body and they are an essential food in any food made by the people all over the world. Besides you can’t make lemonade with lemon. Following are some more benefits of a lemon

  1. Lemons are alkalizing and are extremely beneficial for the body as the alkaline in the lemons help keep the balance between the the pH of the body thus making sure that there is no acid reflux in the body.
  2. Lemons are filled with vitamin C that are beneficial against infections and fight against bacteria such as flu and common colds.
  3. The liver is in love with lemons, lemons help the liver dissolve several bacteria and viruses. Aside from protecting the liver like a shield, lemons help the liver to detox waste and bacteria thus drinking lemon juice can help the liver be healthy.

Cleansing of the bowels is another benefit of the lemon

  1. Cleansing of the bowels is another benefit of the lemon; lemons increase bowel movement and smooth out regularity. Aside from that it is extremely beneficial for the stomach and the intestines making sure the bowel movement is smooth.
  2. The citric acid in the lemons has a very strong impact on the organs of the body, enabling them to fight against several bacteria that cause illnesses. It is extremely beneficial in the lower organs. Lemons help the body to dissolve gallstones, remove calcium deposits and also help the kidneys to break kidney stones and preventing them from forming.
  3. If you are looking for anti-aging creams and want to look young and prolong your youth, then lemons are a healthy and natural way to do it, lemons remove and neutralize all radicals and bacteria that are directly linked to aging and also several types of diseases.

The lemon peels also contain several minerals

  1. Just when you are thinking that the inside of the lemon is its most important part, well think again. The lemon peels also contain several minerals and nutrients that are proven to help brain function and preventing brain disorders.
  2. Several herbal medicine companies use lemon and value it for its significant properties, its sourness is very helpful for the body as it resolves many gastric problems and is good for the vision.
  3. Our intestines thank the lemon every time we drink it, as lemons contain such vitamins and minerals that fight the worms that can form in the intestines and prevent them from entering the intestines.

Lemons contain unique properties

  1. Lemons contain unique properties that help you keep warm and increase bodily functions when under extreme circumstances. When there is no sufficient oxygen and a person has difficulty breathing lemons can be very helpful, that is why lemons are consumed in higher altitude areas more than in lower altitude areas.
  2. Aside from all that lemons are also a very powerful antibacterial food, many experiments and researches have shown that the lemon is helpful is destroying many bacteria that can cause malaria and other deadly diseases.

help the body strengthen the blood vessels

  1. Lemons make sure that they help the body strengthen the blood vessels, thus preventing internal hemorrhaging in the body. It also helps keep the blood pressure in check also.
  2. If you have any eye problems it has been shown in several researches that lemons improve many disorders due to the high amounts of Rutin found in lemons.
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