Healthy Reasons to Add Beetroot into Your Diet


According to the recent studies, beetroot is soon going to be new super-food due to its health benefits. Beetroot is known to decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases. It can be consumed in several ways such as in the form of juice, salad, and soup and along with steaks. If you do not eat this vegetable, it’s time to include it into your diet because of the beetroot benefits.

1. Dementia

Studies show that dementia can be slowed down in older people by adding beetroot into the diet plan. Decrease in blood flow to the brain leads to a decline in cognitive health, which can be slowed down by eating beetroot on regular basis.

2. Diabetes and Beetroot

Beetroot is an antioxidant. Alphalipoic acid present in beetroots lowers glucose levels and increases insulin sensitivity. This keeps sugar level of a diabetic patient balanced and stable.

3. Inflammation

Beetroots contain choline, which helps with muscle movements, learning, sleep and storing memory. It also aids in maintaining cellular membranes and transmission of nerve impulses. All of these factors reduce chronic inflammation.

4. Beetroot for Digestion

Beetroot is rich in fiber that helps prevent constipation and makes our digestive system healthier.

5. Anti-aging

Beetroot juice being an antioxidant can be used topically for anti-aging effects. The antioxidants present in the beetroot neutralize free radicals and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.


6. Pigmentation and Blemishes

Beetroot is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C reduces pigmentation, blemishes and evens skin tone. Thus, beetroot juice helps with discoloration and pigmentation.

7. Moisturize

Beetroot helps remove the top layer of the skin that is dead and gives a dull look. This makes the skin smooth and supple if applied topically. Drinking beet root juice keeps the skin hydrated.

8. Prevents Hair loss

Potassium deficiency leads to hair loss since it is crucial for hair growth. Beetroot being a very good source of potassium can be consumed to prevent hair loss.

9. Liver function

Beetroots are often used in detox water and diet because it improves the liver function. Antioxidant called glutathione, that is present in beetroots, protects the liver from damaging; regenerates liver cells and also improves fat synthesis in liver.

10. Beetroot Increases hemoglobin

Beetroot is an amazing source of folate and iron. These two things are necessary for increasing the hemoglobin level and thus, anemic patients are often told to add beetroots into their diets.


11. Prevents cancer

Beetroot has anti-carcinogenic properties. Cancer cells have low survival rate in high oxygen and beetroot increase the oxygen uptake. The alkaline nature of beetroot also makes it impossible for the cancer cells to grow. Betanin is the compound present in beetroot, which acts against cancer cells.

12. Beetroots Detoxify

Our daily diets our full of toxins that come from stuff like food colors and preservatives. Our body needs detoxification from time to time for proper functioning. Beetroot juice can help in detoxification.

13. Cures Arthritis

Beetroot dissolves the accumulated deposits of calcium around the joints thus cures arthritis. It is the alkaline nature of the beetroot that aids in this process.
Note: If beetroot is consumed more than the requirement it will hinder the absorption of calcium, which is unhealthy for bones.

14. Prevents Cardio Vascular Diseases

Nitric oxide improves blood flow and increases vasodilation. This prevents cardio vascular diseases like arteriosclerosis. Beetroot is rich with nitrates thus, it is beneficial for heart patients and people with high cholesterol level.

15. Cleanser

Beetroot detoxifies our blood and it is considered beneficial for babies if given in a small amount. Cleansing of blood keeps the kidneys and the gall bladder healthy.


16.  Glowing Skin with Beetroot

Beetroot contains silica, which strengthen bones and hair. It mainly keeps our skin healthy and makes it naturally glow.

17. DNA Synthesis

DNA synthesis occurs in all the cells of our body. Beetroot is rich in foliates that help in DNA synthesis preventing any sort of abnormality.

18. Beetroot and Weight Loss

Large amount of fiber in our body reduces cholesterol, which prevents heart diseases and helps lose weight. Beetroot is rich in fiber so people use it for losing weight often by drinking its juice.

19. Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure causes your vessels to constrict which puts your heart under pressure and this leads to wear and tear. Beetroot contains compounds that act as vasodilators this lowers the blood pressure and makes it easy for the heart to pump blood.

20. Improves Stamina

Stamina is improved when your body is able to take more oxygen as per the requirement of our body. Beetroot improves the circulation of oxygen and increases absorption, which improves the stamina.

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