Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Can Use Today


Breakfast- the most essential meal of all meals of the day, is best when served with 3 components to it. That’s how most people like to start off their day!

Question is which components would make a healthy, wholesome breakfast? A serving of whole-grain carbohydrate together with a serving of calcium-filled serving and a portion of fruit makes a nutritious first-meal. All in all, it adds up to roughly 300 calories. There is room for addition of eggs or a similar serving of protein as long as it doesn’t add a lot of fat and cholesterol.

Read further for some specifics.


Your aim should be at least 5 grams of fiber. The recommended amount is 15-25 grams per 1000 calories. Best sources of fiber would be:

  1. A large raw apple
  2. ½ cup of high fiber cereal
  3. ½ cup of blackberries

Fiber foods are quite filling and low in calories as well.


Topping your fiber-busted cereal with soy is one of the best ways to healthy up your breakfast. So contains phytoestrogens which promote healthy bones and improve heart health.

While buying cereal, make sure you get the fortified ones otherwise you’ll be losing out on a lot of free calcium.


Along with its famous weight-loss and skin-enhancing effects, green tea is great for the heart. According to a study, green tea appears to speed up the rate of breakdown of fat and burning of calories.



3 cups of unsweetened orange juice every morning is ideal. The Vitamin C content in Orange Juice is great for an immune-boost and also for lowering cholesterol. Moreover, it also elevated HDL levels in the body. HDL is the good cholesterol required essentially by the body.


For a wholesome breakfast meal, eat a bowl of strawberries thrice a week. Loaded with vitamin C, strawberries make an excellent food for the eyes along with other numerous health benefits. They also serve as antioxidants, fight of free radicals, are low in calories and are known to have a low glycemic index.


Organic eggs aren’t much expensive than the regular ones. They are jam-packed with omega-3 fatty acids. These are the essential fatty acids needed by the body for normal metabolism and optimal function. These fatty acids benefit everything from your mental health to heart health, while significantly reducing the risk of atherosclerosis.


Eat half a grapefruit twice a week. Grapefruits are filled with folate. Folate has been associated with a decreased risk of stroke. However, be careful with grapefruit if you are on medications. Grapefruit and its juice sometimes interacts with medicines that are processed through the liver.

Check with your doctor and be aware of any possible interactions between your medications and grapefruit.


Shave dark chocolate over non-fat yogurt. The richness of Calcium in yogurt is great for a wide variety of reasons from helping develop strong bones to helping with weight loss.

Why dark chocolate? Because it contains powerful anti-oxidant properties which prevents the bad cholesterol “LDL” from sticking to the walls of the arteries and keeping them potent.


Studies have suggested that blueberries’ antioxidant properties have a protective effect against brain again and also helps preserves memory.

For breakfast, sprinkle half a cup of tiny blueberries onto your cereal. Not into cereal? How about baking blueberries onto oatmeal or making your own blueberry-oatmeal granola bar? Or mixing them into a pancake or waffle batter?

The powerful tiny antioxidants fight harmful free radicals in the body that cause damage to the body.

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