Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits


You may already be aware of the incredible benefits of citrus fruits in prevention of cold and flu. If you want to make it through the winter season healthy and happy, you may want to squeeze a fresh orange juice every single day! But is that all citrus fruits are good for? Find out all the health benefits of citrus fruits!

Citrus Fruits and Disease

Oranges, grapefruits, lemons and other citrus fruits are not just mouth-watering and exciting to eat, but are also rich in compounds called flavonoids. It is known that flavonoids have anti-cancer properties prevent the growth and spread of tumors.

Besides cancer, citrus fruits’ antioxidant properties also provide protective effect against heart disease. They provide this effect due to their capability to neutralize free radicals in the body. In addition to that, they also increase blood flow through the coronary arteries (present on the surface of the heart) giving the bad cholesterol (LDL) a hard time to form blood clots.

Did you Know?

Citrus fruits are jam-packed with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential requirement of the body for effective wound healing and collagen synthesis. Collagen is an important constituent of bones and provides structure and elasticity to tendons and skin. Vitamin C is crucial for protection against cardiovascular and immune-deficiency diseases. More importantly, Vitamin C is required for a spot on eye-sight by our retinas! Lack of Vitamin C can lead to a condition known as scurvy in which patients develop exhaustion, anemia, and swelling in parts of the body.

So you know what to look for in your kitchen for you daily Vitamin C dose!


If you are looking for your daily intake of dietary fiber and you stumble upon an orange, thank your stars for making it happen! Citrus fruits are a good source of fiber; oranges make a better source than grapefruits (almost twice as better). Fiber is important for prevention of constipation. It is also vital for decreasing blood sugar and cholesterol!

Fight Weight Gain with Citrus Fruits

The marvelous effects of citrus fruits extend beyond what you might have thought of earlier. A study conducted in 2011 from Western University, London, Ontario, suggested that a flavonoid extracted from tangerine provides protection against obesity AND type 2 diabetes!

Reduce Stress with Citrus Fruits

A Japanese study conducted on mice has also found a link between citrus fruits and stress reduction. They found that linalool, a compound found in lemons, altered the gene activity and chemistry of the body in a certain way that led to stress reduction!

Citrus Fruits and Flu

We all know about the relationship of citrus fruits with common cold and flu, but do we know what exactly forms the basis of this relationship? Citrus fruits have a detergent action – they prevent the thickening and build up of mucus in the upper respiratory passage. This makes it harder for viruses to get a hold and spread. This is why having oranges and tangerines make your winters pleasant!

Lower Dosage of Certain Drugs

University of Chicago implemented a study which successfully proved that having a glass of grapefruit juice daily while on anti-cancer medication multiplied the effect of the drug three times! It does this by slowing the metabolism of the drug and cuts down on its side plus cost effects!

Your Takeaway

There are so many ways to serve citrus fruits. Squeeze fresh juice out of them; make a fruit salad of them; munch on them instead of lays for a nutrient-filled day and your daily dose of Vitamin C and fiber!

Now you know that citrus fruits are not only to be eaten once struck with flu and common cold, but they should be eaten while they grow for their other astounding health benefits as well!

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