Health Benefits of Coconut Water


Coconut water is all the craze these days. Propounded as ‘Mother Nature’s sports drink’, it is being heralded as an uber-healthy liquid refreshment for athletes and sportspersons. It really is a wonder drink. One coconut has more potassium in its water than four bananas. It’s naturally quite low in cholesterol and fat, making it a healthy option if you’re looking to lose weight, or a healthy option in any situation, really. Read to know more about coconut water benefits.

Coconut water has significantly less sugar than other marketed sports drinks, but here’s a pro-tip: be careful to check the label and make sure you’re getting pure coconut water. Quite often, it is mixed with sugars and flavors, which makes it almost as unhealthy as its competitors.

Coconut water goes a long way in aiding digestion, and that’s because of the high quantity of fiber it contains, which goes the distance in preventing acid reflux and indigestion.

High blood pressure can often be attributed to a disbalance in electrolytes. The beauty about coconut eater is that it contains a handful of electrolytes in healthy quantities. That means there is little chance of things going awry. For this reason, many health practitioners recommend drinking a serving of coconut water first thing in the morning to set your electrolyte balance strait.

Dehydration is the biggest cause of headaches and coconut water is very useful in rehydrating. Your body loses fluids and electrolytes throughout the day, especially if you’re out and about in hot, humid conditions. In this case, coconut water is the perfect elixir for you. The electrolytes will bring you back up to speed faster than any sports drink ever could, and without the deleterious effects associated with all the sugar.

Here’s a bit of a disclaimer, though. Coconut water, although significantly lower in calories than sports drinks, does contain a fair amount of calories, so it’s encouraged to lead an active lifestyle if you plan on drinking it regularly, which you should.

Coconut water even stimulates your thyroid hormones. What that means is that you’ll get an extra kick in your energy levels at a purely cellular level, it feels great. It’s also a natural diuretic, that means it’ll make you pass urine more often. This can be beneficial in clearing out toxins from your body and reducing the risk of kidney stones.

Additionally, it goes a long way in making your skin look a whole lot better and radiant. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, and is hugely impacted by the amount of fluid you take in.

Here’s another pro-tip for choosing your coconuts: look for smaller coconuts that are greener in color, those are younger and have more water in them compared to the bigger, older, brown ones. Find Coconut Oil Benefits

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