Why Buy Organic Food?

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Do you know that the food you are consuming may be harmful and unhealthy to you and your kids?  How about getting back to the organic as an option and make organic food a major part of your diet! Organic products have an edge in food safety and are a smart food choice to make. Packed with nutrition and taste, organic foods have healthy effects on the health physical and mental health.

Here are some benefits of healthy local food and reasons why people prefer or getting back to organic food as a healthy diet option.

Organic is Nutritious

Foods that are organically grown are said to have more essential nutrients- minerals, vitamins, micronutrients and enzymes, than the foods that are commercially grown. This is because the soil is nourished with sustainable practices. According to a research, organically grown fruits and vegetables such as spinach, carrot, cabbage and potato, provide an adequate amount of vitamin C whereas conventionally grown vegetables don’t

No Pesticides

Pesticides are the chemicals that are routinely used in conventional farming and turning back to local and eating organic food is the only way to avoid the chemicals present in conventionally grown food. Treating foods with pesticides leave the residues and traces of chemical fertilizers that are apparently found in high percentages in the fruits and vegetables and can be harmful to the human body. Therefore, organic food prevents people from ingesting insecticides and pesticides that are commonly found in commercial products.


Genetically modified foods are the foods that are produced from genetically modified organisms or GMO, whereas organically grown foods cannot be genetically modified. Opting for local foods is the best way to be sure that the food that has been genetically modified remains out of your diet.

Organic Foods are Free from Additives

Foods additives may lead to health problems such as asthma, heart strokes, migraine, hyperactivity and even food allergies. Going for organic food is the best way to avoid artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners or any sort of preservatives.

Some of the foods that should be consumed organic are organic milk- that is produced naturally without using antibiotics and synthetic pesticides, organic grains, organic fruits and vegetables (since they are rich source of essential nutrients) and also organic meat (where animals have free access to graze the fields).

Organic Foods Reduce Pollution

Pesticides are poisonous to the water supply and also spoil the worth of a fertile farmland. Organic farming does not involve the use of toxic chemicals or pesticides; however it requires responsible management of the soil and agriculture.

Organic Food Tastes Good

Organic or locally grown food tastes good because it is nourished and grown in well balanced and healthy soil. Organic and locally cultivated plants are healthy and strong plants. Therefore, mane people prefer consuming organic food for its good taste.

Organic food is now commonly sold and easily available in super markets and grocery stores. So, the next time when you go for grocery shopping, consider buying something organic to reap the benefits. If you see a shiny, red apple, make sure it’s organic.

  • Check product labeled organic before buying it.
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