Are Raisins Good for You?


You may not pay much attention to the tiny, dried-up grapes that you find in your fruit cake or the energy bar you chow on, but the humble raisin has more to it than meeting the taste buds. Raisins are an extremely delicious and popular dry fruits. Their crinkly look might not appear pleasing to many though, but they are one of the healthiest snacks around. So the next time you crave candies, think snacking raisins! Here are some excellent reasons to add raisins into your diet.

Raisins to Improve Digestion

Raisins are loaded with fiber, which swells when they absorb water and effectively provide relief from constipation. Regular intake of raisins helps regularize bowel movement as the fiber removes the toxins and wastes from the digestive zone.

Benefits of Raisins

Gain Healthy Weight

Raisins are the superfood to gain healthy weight as they are full of glucose and contain a lot of potential energy. They form an ideal part of a diet for athletes who need a powerful boost of energy, or for those who want to put on weight without adding unhealthy amounts of cholesterol. Raisins also stimulate the efficient absorption of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients gained from food, which improves your overall energy and immune system strength.

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Lower High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a health condition that distresses our generation increasingly, all because of our food habits and sedentary lifestyle. Besides exercising and eating the foods to lower blood pressure naturally, munch on raisins. Raisins have minerals such as iron and potassium, which help maintain red blood cell count and relax the blood vessels, respectively. The B vitamins can also reduce oxidative stress caused by free radical damage in the body and reduce systolic blood pressure.

Raisins are beneficial to prevent menopause induced osteoporosis in women as well as strengthens bones and joints.

Bone Health

Raisins contain calcium, which is the main element of our bones. It helps strengthen bones and promotes bone growth. They are also one of the best sources of boron, a micronutrient that is required by the body in small amounts. This micronutrient is vital for bone formation and calcium absorption.

Dental Health

Raisins contain a phytochemical called oleanolic acid which provides protection against tooth decay, cavities and teeth instability. It inhibits the growth of bacteria which cause cavities and other dental problems. Besides, raisins are rich in calcium which prevents enamel erosion and makes teeth stronger. Boron present in raisins prevents the growth of germs as well as whitens the teeth.

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