Amazing Health Benefits of Grapes


Grapes make for the best in-between-meal-snack. They’re tart sweet and delicious, eat them raw, squeeze them into juice, you can even freeze them and have them as grape-popsicles! In addition to being pleasing to the palate, grapes pack a powerhouse of nutrients and health benefits, many of which we’re sure you were never even aware of! Everyone knows that grapes are great for your hair and skin, but get these!

Amazing Benefits of Grapes

1. Grapes for Weight Loss

Grapes are a power-player when it comes to weight loss. This was confirmed by a cutting edge research conducted at the University of Georgia. Their studies concluded that grapes launch a two-pronged attack on fat. Firstly, they dramatically decrease the body’s ability to conserve fat in adipocytes—by 130% to be exact. Moreover, they stimulate your metabolism to scorch adipocytes at an insanely high rate—246 times the usual rate of fat breakdown. Those stats speak for themselves. Grapes could be that secret weapon you need to get over your weight loss plateau.

Grapes for Weight Loss

2. Grapes are a Blessing for Your Heart

Studies show that 10mg of resveratrol can decrease your chance of heart attack by 10%, that’s a lot! Moreover, they help dilate your blood vessels. This goes a long way in allowing more oxygenated blood to reach your tissues. It obviously brings down your blood pressure as well.

3. Grapes and Brain Health

If you though resveratrol was good for your heart, wait till you hear what it does for your brain! Studies conducted at the University of Switzerland concluded that it’s a potent anti-oxidant, cleaning up free radicals and wiping away brain plaques. This double benefit really helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It’s so potent that many doctors refer to chemical as “Revers-it-all”!

Studies on British students found that Resveratrol increased blood supply to the brain by almost 200%, helping them think faster and better.

Glowing Skin with Grapes

4. Glowing Skin with Grapes

Grapes lend a special favor to your skin by protecting us from harmful UVB rays, in addition to knocking out the free radicals that might develop. That’s a double-whammy.

This same chemical has been proven to turn on the gene in our genome that facilitates longevity and sustained living. Aptly called the ‘grapes of youth’!

5. Better Muscle Recovery

Grapes are a must for athletes, or just generally anyone interested in fitness and taking their body to the max. Because they’re such a potent anti-oxidant, they play a big role in bringing down the uric acid concentrations in your muscles. This invariably aids in better muscle recovery following a workout of any type.

Packed with Anti-Inflammatory Agents

6. Packed with Anti-Inflammatory Agents

It keeps getting better and better. Did you know that grapes are packed with anti-inflammatory agents? It may not be as effective as a prescription NSAID like Ibuprofen, but regularly eating grapes could help with some inflammatory conditions, even heart disease.

7. Rich in Vitamins

It’s worth mentioning that grapes are an amazing source of vitamin B,C and fibre. The fibre obviously comes from the peel.

To cap it off, grapes really help decrease the time for wound healing, as well!

The last thing we want to say is to check whether your grapes are organic or not, if they are, they were likely bathed in pesticides, in which case, they’ll need to be washed off. In fact, even if they ARE organic, in our country especially, they were probably exposed to lots of bugs during the supply chain, in which you need to wash them thoroughly anyway! Find More : health and fitness tips

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