A meatylicious affair this Eid!


Pakistan’s love affair with food and feast often brings out the best of cuisine during Eidul Azha. You simply know you can’t keep away from the delicious, mouth-watering dishes when laid out before you.

Here are the top five dishes you’ll be coming for more this Eid!


This has been a champion for years and years, amongst most households. Kaleji is one dish that you fundamentally can’t avoid this Eid. Chances are it will most likely be the first thing cooked in your house and the principle nourishment offered to you in case you visit some relative’s or friend’s house in the early hours of Eid. As we all know, everyone on the day of Eid is literally having a Hunger Games session of their own. So, meat is all they want to have. And we all know the good amount of time meat takes to be cooked, so kaleji is the first thing all the chefs in the house opt for to be made. Given with a sauce or essentially sautéed with flavors, this is the champion for many homes on the first day of Eid.


Another meat affair that you just cannot stop having during this Eid is with kebabs. Kebabs touch down in an ever-more noteworthy blended sack on your tables. Be it to whatever preference you like; from Shish kebab to Shami kebab, and from Chapli Kebab to Seekh Kebabs, you will most likely be on the run over each of these kebabs this Eidul Azha. The great thing about celebrating Eid in Pakistan is that while you can cook up these meals yourself at home or you can also strike someone else’s kitchen (we support the latter), you can moreover approach Barbeque diners to cook them for you, using the meat you give them. Since we have tons of diners, this is an easier call to make and enjoy the best of Eid.


Seeker beef or hunter beef is yet another Eidul Azha dish. It can be a dish that fulfills the many kind of various ways of being eaten up. You can serve it as a sandwich filling or serve it in all its meaty glory. While seeker or hunter cheeseburger, generally called Corned meat, puts aside time to marinate and cook, rest assured it will accomplish your sustenance spread by the third day of Eid. The foody lovers can be best served with a later extension of company with Kashmiri Tea!


Passing over the ever-delectable Qorma and Biryani this Eid are the divine flame-grilled food items. In the past couple of years, the example of rooftop flame-grilled themed get-togethers on Eidul Azha has ascended to such a degree that the magnificent joy is composed as the festival of barbeques now! We are sure that the invites are starting to pour in as of right now and plans of which date to set for you being a host yourself to such an event. It’s quite the simple yet delightful way to enjoy meat and Eid. Get some coal, a grill, some iron bars and you are ready to welcome the heavenly Bihari Botis and finger-licking Beef Malai Tikkas!


Yes, it’s decisively what it sounds like. Prepared with sheep, goat or calves’ brain, this dish is a champion amongst the most shrewdly scrumptious Pakistani ordinary Eid dishes. Stacked down with fat, Brain Masala, like all the other Eid dishes, can be cooked in a blended pack of courses as Brain Tawa Masala, Brain Fry and Darbari Brain Masala. Adding a touch of soya to the meat, you can value it with some fantastic parathas.

This Eid is all about the food – make sure you enjoy as fully as you want.

Eid Mubarak Everyone!

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