The Most Mouth Watering Dishes To Keep On Your Eid Table


Disclaimer: the Eid table we’re referring to over here is the one that serves guests during ‘open house’ Eid greeting sessions. This list does not intend to pass as a dinner menu.

Do you know what I love most about this Eid? The fact that whoever comes to visit you, usually brings a cake. Sometimes Eidi too. But I’m all about that cake, ‘bout that cake- maybe a bit of Eidi.

Rerouting to the actual purpose of this article: there are certain dishes that most people keep handy in case guests decide to show up for Eid greetings.

You’re more likely to have guests over, if:

  1. You/ or another family member are someone’s boss
  2. If you or your parents are ‘family kay baray’ (elder in the family)
  3. You give good Eidi
  4. Your Eid table is full of tasty goodies
  5. You are well connected and have lots of ‘duur ke rishtedaar’ who want to pay their respects
  6. You’re just a super nice person that people want to visit

If you fall into any of these categories, then you need to be Eid ready by laying out your table appropriately, and being smart about it.

You need to have items:

  1. That can be reheated easily and do not spoil when heated
  2. Which can be prepped in advance, for a final fry and serve situation
  3. Are easily kept at room temperature
  4. Of which some are desi and some are continental.

Here’s a list of our favorites for Meethi Eid:

Haleem (or another heavy item)

Haleem is one of the best dishes you can prepare for your Eid table, considering you can make a large batch and it’s delicious + festive. It’s easily reheated too. However, if you’re not Haleem fans (How though?), you could always opt for a chicken/lamb roast, or even Singaporean rice. Just ensure that you layer the sauce just before serving.

Lasagna (or another pasta dish)

This is always such a favorite. Lasagna can be made in a variety of ways: chicken and spinach, beef and tomato sauce, etc. and the best part? The beautiful, golden baked cheese that will have anyone drooling the moment they set eyes on it. If you’re more comfortable using other forms of pasta, then by all means go for it. People love pasta.

Spinach and mushroom dip

This is a light addition to your table that can be served alongside plain chips, toasted pita bread or bread sticks. It is simple to put together too. Follow this process: butter, garlic, mushrooms, salt, pepper, spinach, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. Let it all melt together and sprinkle with bread crumbs and bake. To.Die.For.

Plain tea cake/marble cake

A simple favorite. It is loved by everyone and is very no-fuss. If you don’t wish to bake it, then just go ahead and buy one from the closest bakery.

Dessert items


You absolutely must include one or two dessert items on your Eid menu. One can be a traditional dessert like sheer khurma or shahi tukray and one could be more modern- think cheesecake (mangos are in season, finally!), banoffee pie (try this fool proof recipe) or even layered cookies and cream dessert.


Enough said. Kababs are a staple. The type of kabab is entirely up to you. Be it the evergreen shami, or a reshmi kabab, one variety should make its way to your table.


You can go about this in two ways. Either prep the sandwiches, cover them with a damp cloth and refrigerate OR you could prepare the spread and make sandwiches on demand for your guests. Popular choices: chicken salad, hunter beef and chutney, egg and butter.

Dahi baray/fruit chaat/ channa chaat

To show that we haven’t entirely about the iftari items that kept us company for the whole month, keep one of these always-loved items.

Fried item: samosa/ chicken strips/ peri bites

These will have to be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge to defrost until you’re ready to fry. They take minimal effort and add more variety to your table. Pair with chutneys and sauces to complete the platter.

Bonus: mixed nimco like items to munch on


What are the staples on your Eid table? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll feature the most creative items on HTV!

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