Wonders of Asafoetida (Hing)


Hing or asafoetida, the wonder spice, is widely available in our country. Using ‘Hing’ can result in several benefits that we are unaware of. Hing can be used in ‘daal’ (lentils)and several other vegetarian cuisines. Hing adds a very strong aroma to the food. If we don’t use it for its taste and smell then we should use it for its medicinal benefits that are just amazing. Here is the list of benefits you will get if you start consuming hing.

1. Indigestion Prevention

Hing has been used since always to help cure indigestion, also other stomach problems that we might face every day. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and these properties help it alleviate any and all pains that we might be feeling in our abdomen. Several other problems such as gases, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) also react very well to hing and can be reduced dramatically when consumed.

2. Treatment of Problems (women)

Women should definitely be using hing as many problems that ladies suffer from can be cured by using it. The anti-inflammatory compounds that can be found can help provide a quick relief from the menstrual problems women face. Also apart from that, irregular periods can also be helped by consuming hing. This spice can be used for a quicker treatment and an even quicker recovery.

Sexual Problems Start Using Asafoetida

3. Sexual Problems (male)

Any men who are having trouble to please the significant other in bed can use hing to somewhat help with their problem. Hing has been known to treat impotency and also premature ejaculation. Just consuming a pinch of it maybe be able to treat several sexual problems being faced by the men. Drinking hing in warm water might be able to help your libido and help blood flow easily in the body.

4. Respiratory Problems

If you are facing respiratory problems then asafoetida is for you. It is a stimulant the helps with respiration. Hing helps release the phlegm and help with chest congestion. Also, if you are suffering from and respiratory illness or dry cough or bronchitis consuming hing can help solve these problems.

Blood Sugar Levels Start Using Asafoetida

5. Blood Sugar Levels

Do you want to lower your blood sugar levels? Well, start adding hing to every food your cook. People in Pakistan suffer from low or high blood sugar levels, using hing can be very beneficial for those who do. By adding asafoetida to every food you will be able to reap the benefits of its anti-diabetic effects. Hing makes sure that our pancreas is able to release more insulin.

6. It Protects Against Cancer

Hing is in fact a very powerful anti-oxidant, so this spice can be consumed on a regular basis and it can help protect the organs and the blood cells from any bacteria or diseases. Hing has several nutrients that help fight off against any malignant cells that can cause cancer also its continuous protection of the body suggests that it can help fight against cancerous cells.

7. It Provides Relief from Various Skin Ailments

If you are suffering from any skin ailments then hing is for you. As it is a natural anti-inflammatory. Asafoetida is added to many skincare products that can help protect the skin. It can be used as a natural home remedy, to solve the skin ailments that you might have. The spice puts a cooling effect when applied onto the bare skin. It protects the bare skin from bacteria and other ailments and helps reduce them dramatically. These are the reasons why hing is important in our everyday lives if you haven’t used it then go ahead and try.

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