6 Foods That Cause Premature Aging


Have you been experiencing strange puffiness, scarring and breakouts in your skin that make it look anything but young? One of the main reasons for such manifestations is lack of a healthy and wholesome diet. What you eat is extremely integral to your skin. We all know that junk food and stress cause premature aging of the skin, but here are some sneaky food items which take away your youthful glow

Red Meat

The typical Pakistani meal usually contains one meat dish, but will you be changing the menu when you learn that red meat has been proven to significantly age your skin? Perhaps this will make you eat more like our neighbors and swap that Nihari for a veggie meal. Experts say that red meat contains high levels of the substance carnitine which can harden walls of the blood vessels causing premature aging of your once flawless skin.

Fried Foods

It goes without saying: fried foods are low on the healthy food scale with their high levels of unhealthy fats. These unhealthy (saturated and trans) fats contain free radicals which clog pores. Instead, include healthy unsaturated fats in your meals since those actually promote good health and skin. So swap those French fries and chocolates with some avocados and walnuts!


More credit goes to iodized salt for causing tissues to swell up and aggravate acne than any other food. Salt may very well be the reason for your puffy and unhealthy look. So drop that salt intake and watch your skin glow.


The next time you heap sugar into your steaming mug of chai, remember you’re adding seconds, minutes and even years to your skin. Not only does it weaken your immune system, but sugar is behind your premature wrinkles and causes damage to the elastin and collagen in the body. This ultimately makes your skin jaded. Try to balance your daily intake of glucose with fruits instead. They’ll make your skin shine and give you the sweet fix you need.


As a caffeine addicted nation, saying no to a chai break is next to impossible. But before you take another sip remember that caffeine, being a diuretic, causes dehydration which in turn causes drying of the skin and increased production of cortisol. Increased cortisol is synonymous with faster aging which means premature wrinkles, scars and bump skin. I bet that chai doesn’t look as delicious now.

Artificial Colors

Artificial colors and sweeteners make absolutely no contribution to our nutrition chart. Instead, they cause irritation in the body especially in those prone to allergies. They can agitate your skin by causing inflammation and histamine reactions. Stop putting consuming these science experiments and switch to natural organic food for a beautiful you inside and out.

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