5 Breakfast mistakes that are making you fat


Breakfast works as a fuel for our body. It kick starts you and gets you ready for a long day. We have been listening the advantages of eating something within two hours of waking in the morning.  Generally, breakfast is usually the ignored meal by us.  Due to busy mornings, people either skip breakfast or prefer eating ready-made items.

Breakfast, without a doubt, is the most important meal of the day and when it comes to the advantages of it the list goes long. But due to busy mornings people tend to nutrition make mistakes and the choice of food in the breakfast. This may contribute to a significant weight gain.

We’ve rounded up five breakfast mistakes that people usually make that make them put on weight. Let’s have a look.

Eating Frozen Items

If you want to be slim and healthy, stop eating preserved food. On the surface level, these frozen food items look extremely fresh but a lot of chemicals are used to preserve them. We see many people eating frozen food and eventually complaining about their weight. They think cooking these items in a non stick pan would help them to lose weight but the reality is a bit scary. Switch to natural and organic products.

Ready-made Juices

Having juice for breakfast just add flavors to your day. All of us are aware of the advantages of juices but there is a difference between drinking juice of a fresh fruit and ready-made juices 9canned or packed juices). Due to tough schedules and fast paced life, we tend to sip on those ready-made packet juices. These ready-made juices contain tons of sugar and chemicals, causing you to take lots of calories and weight gain.

Brown Bread Mania

If you are on diet you have to eat brown bread, a very general perception of our people. One white bread is equals to one big whole wheat roti. So in the name of brown bread you end up eating two big size rotis, which triggers you weight.

Pile on Fat-free Food

Fat free food is very much a trend these day. We have fat-free options for almost every item. But fat-free foods do no good to your weight loss goals. Have you ever read the food labels on the back of fat free foods? In most cases, the fat is usually replaced by sodium, carbohydrates or sugar, all of which causes rise in calories. Instead of going for fat-free products, eat something that is natural and see the positive change in your weight.

Sweet and Savory Cereals

Nowadays we have variety of flavored cereals that claim to reduce weight but they never do in most cases. Instead of eating flavored cereals, eat oats and eggs. This will efficiently help you lose weight.

Apart from blaming the choice of food, even with the right choice of food people put on weight. One of the biggest issue is we are always in a rush in the morning and we actually swallow our breakfast with realizing the importance and benefits of eating a healthy breakfast. Always chew your food properly so it’s easier for your body to digest it.

Breakfast is what keeps you going throughout the day. So eat healthy and look fresh.

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