15 Reasons to have ‘Gur’ (Jaggery) in Your Kitchen


Addicted to eating something sweet after every meal, yet would prefer not to put on a lot of weight? Jaggery or ‘gur’ can be an answer to your issue as it is an amazing substitute for sugar. Gur is stuffed with crucial supplements that make it wholesome nourishment. The majority of you may be ignorant of the advantages that this characteristic sweetener can give to your well-being, skin and hair. Here are 15 reasons why ‘GUR’ should be a part of your kitchen and life.

1. Blood Purifier

Gur acts as a blood purifier and leads to the elimination of toxins from your system. As a result, you are safe from many blood related infections.

2. Cure Bloating with Gur

Jaggery is an incredible home-solution to treat intestinal flatulence and gas. You simply need a little piece of it after every meal and you will never experience bloating and gassy tummy again.

3. Treats Headache and Migraine

Jaggery contains iron, magnesium and potassium which reduces the force with which a headache might occur or the recurrence.

4. Get Rid of Hiccups

Jaggery has certain properties that facilitate the issue of hiccups. You simply need to grate it and add in some ginger. Have a spoon of the mixture and wash it down your throat with the help of some warm water. Good bye Hichki!

5. Beautifies Your Hair

If you need to enhance the magnificence of your hair, utilize jaggery. To get long, thick, dark and glossy hair, make a blend of gur, multani mitti and yogurt.

6. Stops Cramps

Jaggery is a magical potion for the ladies who experience the ill effects of extreme menstrual pain and premenstrual disorder. It calms you from the stomach torment as well as cures sudden mood changes that you experience just before periods.

7. Helps with Anemia

Gur is extremely beneficial for people who are anemic. It is high in iron content which helps raise hemoglobin levels in your blood and production of red blood cells.

8. Relief from Respiratory Problems

Jaggery is very useful when it comes to regulate body temperature and its anti-allergic properties also prevent other lung and throat infections.

9. Boosts Immunity

A solid insusceptible immune system is an unquestionable requirement in the event that you need to be physically fit. Accessibility of minerals (like zinc) in ‘gur’ stops the free radicals and battles against toxins.

10. Gur Boosts Energy

When you are feeling tired, eat ‘gur’. It will help boost your vitality without having any unfavorable impact on your body as it is free from chemicals. It doesn’t raise the glucose levels, so diabetic people can also have it in moderate amount.

11. Improves Urinary Flow

Jaggery is one of the most powerful fixes to cure all urinary related issues. It demonstrates useful for the individuals who urinate less as well as for the individuals who experience the ill effects of excessive pee.

12. Gur for Weight Loss

It might sound odd, that something sweet can help with weight loss, but it’s true. Being rich in vitamins and minerals, jaggery manages the digestive system and keeps up the electrolyte equalization. It also contains potassium which controls water retention.

13. Manages Blood Pressure

Jaggery is great for blood pressure patients. Potassium and sodium are vital supplements that help manage the blood circulation. Dilute jaggery with warm water and drink this concoction for 15 days. Repeat it again after a gap of 15 days and do it for 3 months.

14. Helps with Skin Issues

Gur can also help manage skin issues. Consuming ‘gur’ regularly fades away the skin inflammation and pimple spots from your face, giving you a blemish free and glowing skin.

15. Anti-Wrinkle Effect

Untimely maturing and wrinkles can be treated with jaggery. For this, have a blend of sesame seeds and jaggery. You can also add these two ingredients into your face pack and apply it at least once every week.


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