10 Best Winter Fruits You Must Eat

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Consume fruits on a daily basis during the winter season. As eating winter fruits ensure that your body stays well-hydrated, and the fiber-rich fruits tend to strengthen the immune system and in turn protect your body from several diseases.

Here are the 10 of the healthiest winter fruits you should eat.

1. Pomegranate

pomegranate- best winter fruits

Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants. Just one cup of pomegranate daily might help keep free radicals from oxidizing “bad” LDL cholesterol. As oxidized LDL contributes to plaque buildup in the arteries, drinking pomegranate juice helps improve blood flow to the heart.

2. Grapefruit

grapefruit- best winter fruits

This winter fruit is great as a juice or eaten by itself. It is low in calorie and is packed with antioxidants that are particularly beneficial during the harsh climate. Grapefruit is high in Vitamin C and helps your immune system make it through winters.

3. Kiwi

kiwi- best winter fruits

Kiwi is known for its high levels of vitamin C and antioxidant powers. Kiwi is an excellent source of fiber and other essential nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium. Apart from boosting immunity, it also keeps your body warm from the inside and helps you stay energetic throughout the winter season.

4. Tangerine

tangerine- best winter fruits

Oranges are extremely beneficial for you stay healthy during the colder season. Loaded with vitamin C and citric acid, oranges help keep your body well hydrated and strong during winters. Stock up on oranges and get your citrus fix this winter season.

5. Apple

apples- best winter fruits

Apples are known to boost immunity and also keep your body well hydrated. Also they are rich in fiber and are one of the great winter fruits to add to your grocery list.

6. Persimmons

persimmons- beat winter fruits

Eating persimmon a day could be better for your heart as it contains significantly higher concentration of the dietary fiber, minerals, and phenolic compounds that prevent atherosclerosis, a leading cause of heart disease, stroke and heart attacks. Moreover, the antioxidants in persimmons can help control diabetes and the cell damage caused by diabetes.

7. Papaya

papaya- best winter fruits

Papaya helps retain the moisture in your skin and keeps the skin soft and supple. Papain and Vitamin A are two great sources of skin repairing agents and luckily papaya consists of both these. The best thing about papaya is that it can be used as a face mask as well.

8. Guava

guava- best winter fruits

Eating fresh guava is known to boost our immunity during winters and also prevents the outburst of pimples and other skin problems.

9. Banana

Banana- best winter fruits

Bananas help maintain blood pressure during winter. They are rich in potassium, fiber and vitamins. They also improve our immune system, and contain high percentage of water, which nourishes and hydrates our skin in the colder season.

10. Grapes

grapes- best winter fruits

Grapes are good source of potassium, manganese, and vitamin A, C, K, B1 and B6. Black grapes promote better blood sugar balance, improved regulation of insulin and increased insulin sensitivity. Grapes also make our immune system stronger during winters.

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