WHO: Pakistan Needs To Eradicate Polio By 2015


The World Health Organization Who has issued a deadline to the Government of Pakistan. Accordingto the officials, Pakistan must eradicate polio by December 2015. Given the rapid spread of thedisease in  Karachi,  the city  has  been especially  singled  out  and officials  have been told  tocontinue anti-polio campaigns until the target is met. Since the beginning of the year, 24 casesof polio have been diagnosed in Karachi. The Government of Sindh has decided to administerpolio  vaccination injections  during  the campaign scheduled  from 16 th to  21st December.  AllPakistanis traveling outside of the country will be screened for polio before being allowed toenter into their destination country. All provinces have been informed about the WHO deadlineand have been told to start working towards complete eradication immediately.

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