Well-Heeled Eon Of Coaching Centers


A bitter truth is that the moment when the government colleges overlapped the verge of mass dilapidation and defilement of the entire process of education; at that instant moment the business of coaching centers gained an unparalleled success. There was a time decades ago when all government colleges were regarded as one of the best institutions along-with the presence of an extra-ordinary qualified faculty. During those years, no one has heard about the word ‘Coaching Institutes’ but, yes the word ‘Tuitions’ were known to all and sundry.

Moreover, it is important to mention that in the recent years the market of coaching centers has achieved momentum. A large number of students are a part of coaching centers where they are getting in-depth study material, proper classes on time, complete preparation for final examinations, proper implementation of weekly / monthly test schedule, proper attendance by means of most integrated form of technological systems, complete student record summary dispatched to parents, full-fledge students career counseling sessions are conducted and last but not the least co-curricular activities are also arranged in the most organized manner.

So, the crux of the above is that now the coaching centers are fully-equipped with all such resources and advanced form of technology that can give the optimum level of education, training to the society at large which the latter (government colleges) failed to do it. Now the question arises that what are the nitty-gritties that simply lead to the horrendous fiasco of the government colleges. The three foremost reasons are discussed below:

Political Influence

  1. The infiltration of the political elements / politics to an extremely huge extent at the government colleges made the life of students vulnerable and terribly disrupted the ongoing process of education. With the wave of politicization in the educational institutions, students immediately started involving themselves in the political events and activities with important roles and responsibilities for maximum time limit, with the exception of giving a considerate time to their studies.

This political influence deviated the interest of students from focusing on their primary studies rather indulging themselves into the unscrupulous activities that significantly brought an excessive damage to their educational life. With each passing day the political element became so powerful that even the Management of the college including Principal and senior teachers were also under their control.

The political elements were free to do anything without any accountability on account of full support of political parties. They can anytime stop the on-going classes, hold gatherings / meetings on different agendas, disrespectful behavior with teachers was at pinnacle, deadly scuffle with similar other political students union etc. This all was the culture prevailing in a full-fledge manner. Yes, still this culture has not ended, but diminished to a certain extent.

Incompetent Faculty

This is another reason that aids a lot in the destruction of government college system. The faculty hiring was not completely based on merit. Teaching staff was merely selected on the references of top brass of government officials and others not on basis of experience and education. The hired teachers were so detached to the subjects or their specialized areas that they even don’t know the accurate findings or knowledge of the topics to be taught. Apart from this, such teachers were highly reluctant in taking classes and deemed to be completely insincere to their profession.

Ramshackle Infrastructure

This is another important reason that created ways ahead for coaching centers to achieve excellence and boom in the education industry. The completely damaged infrastructure of the government colleges, lack of basic amenities, smashed chairs in classes, non-availability of proper black boards and transportation system and lack of proper electricity system are not a new phenomenon in existing culture of the government colleges. The reason of such scarcity in the eyes of the concerned authorities is due to deficiency of funds. Anyhow, several meetings in past were held for the progress and development of the infrastructure but all gone vain. Whereas on the other hand, coaching centers are fully equipped with all contemporary infrastructure facilities all around.

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