Urgent Inter-Provincial Conference for Polio Eradication to be Held


With the recent announcement of international travel restrictions, the decision has been taken to hold an urgent inter-provincial conference to discuss viable strategies to alleviate the current situation. This conference, in addition to strategizing, will also push for polio eradication to be considered as an emergency. It is expected that the conference will be attended by the Federal Secretary of Health, D.G of Health, Provincial Health Ministers, secretaries, and representatives of the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and other related organizations. The D.G Health Services of Punjab has already issued orders for all 164 hospitals in the province to be equipped with the facility of providing Polio Certificates. Those who wish to undertake international travel can request for a polio certificate 4 weeks prior to their date of departure. It has been decided that airports will be equipped with the facility of providing Polio certificates too, so that those who have to travel abroad on short notice can obtain their certificates from the airports.

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