Trade of Substandard Medication Flourishes at an Alarming Rate


Poor monitoring mechanisms has allowed for the trade of fake and substandard medication to continue uncurbed in Lahore. Sources report the key reasons for this alarming phenomenon are firstly, inadequate and poorly structured monitoring mechanisms, and secondly, the presence of only one Drug Court for the one Crore strong population of Lahore. This Drug Court has failed to take due notice and legal action of the recent ongoing activity, giving those involved a free hand to continue cheating the population. According to reports, 100 pharmaceuticals are operational in Lahore. Only 10 drug inspectors are employed to keep a check on these companies. In 415 cases were brought to court between January 2013 and March 2014, out of 90% of the cases were resolved by putting a fine of Rs.5000-10,000 on the criminals. The longest prison sentence was no more than 10 years. Khawaja Salman Rafiq, Advisor to the CM on Health, has announced that the government is taken steps to curb this issue expediently. In addition, the public service commission would be made responsible for appointing suitable drug inspectors.

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