Tharparker: Food Shortage Kills Two More Children


Each day children are dying in Tharparker due to food shortage and diseases. Two more children have died today due to food shortage in Civil Hospital Mithi, Tharparker. This has increased the death toll to a total of 56 in just 22 days.

The death toll of Tharkparker is increasing every day, due to scarcity of food and abundance of diseases. Today again, the desert has taken the life of two more children. Even in such conditions, the rescue operations in the area are inactive. 48 children are fighting for their life in Mithi central Hospital, 40 are being treated in Nagar Parker, while 37 more are being provided with medical facilities in Chacharo and Diplo. More than 70 children have been transferred to Hyderabad and Civil Hospital Karachi.


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