Shortage of Medicines Expected, as Prices Remain Constant


The Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association has informed that the price of life saving drugs is constant from the last 15 years, thus there is a chance of shortage of medicines. While speaking in a news conference, in a local hotel of Karachi, the President of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association said that, Pakistan has more than 28 such medicines which are cheaper in price, compared to India and Bangladesh. He said that the PMA wants the Government hospitals to keep large stocks of life saving drugs to keep a consistent flow of these in public.
Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest tax payers of Pakistan, and thus it is the responsibility of the government to reduce the price of raw materials, so that the price of medicines is not affected by demand. He further said that in the current situations many pharmaceutical companies are wrapping up their business in the country, which is increasing unemployment, whereas India is investing more in the Pharmaceutical industry and is showing high progress.

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