Sher Shah Troubled By Artificially Created Water Shortages


Political patronage has allowed Na-Maloom Afrad (Unidentified people) to create water shortages by setting up illegal hydrants that steal water that rightfully belongs to the citizens. This water is then made available again to the citizens at a higher price. Coupled with incessant load shedding, this issue with the provision of water has left the citizens of Karachi in a state of perpetual angst. Relevant authorities have been slow to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the dysfunctional system of affairs. The president of KMC, Sharjeel Memon, recently organized and implemented a crackdown on the areas of Metroville, Banaras, and Manghopir. Along with the Assistant Commissioner, Abdul Jabbar Shahana, and officers from other organizations as well as substantial police presence, illegal hydrants in the areas were demolished, water pipes were destroyed and water pumps were damaged.

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