Sanghar – Will it ever be Polio free?


Eversince Polio immunization campaigns have started, Sanghar has always been in the limelight sometimes referred to as the red zone for Polio. For the past few months Polio immunsation campaigns have been running with heavy amount of money being spent regularly, but no fruitful result. Polio cases among children are still on the rise. In some areas, despite on the record it says that Polio Vaccination teams have visited door to door to administer Polio drops to children but in reality Polio Vaccination teams have failed to cover that area.

Parents have complained to the Deputy Commissioner Sanghar about the ineffectiveness of Polio Immunization campaign teams to administer polio vaccination drops in the area. However, while talking to Health TV the Deputy Commissioner Sanghar defended himself by saying that the government is not leaving any stone unturned to eradicate Polio in Sindh but the disease can not be eliminated overnight. It requires a lot more time than people think. The government was making all-out efforts to get the entire country free of polio at the earliest.

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