Professional Beggars Labeled As Security Risk By Commissioner Karachi


In a recent meeting at the commissioner’s office, the commissioner said that professional beggars posed a risk to the residents of Karachi. He expressed the need for a crackdown on their operation so that the city and its residents could be relived from this menace. The meeting was attended by several officials including Akhtar Hussain Bugti (Additional Secretary Auqaf And Religious Affairs), Nuzhat Fatima (Director Social Welfare Department), Rehana Khatoon (Deputy Director Social Welfare Department), Muhammad Shubiah Siddiqui (Director Media Commissioner), and several representatives from organizations such as the Alamgir Welfare Trust and Seylani Welfare Trust. The commissioner also mentioned that an increasing number of professional beggars would be arriving in the city before Eid. All efforts must be made to stop their arrival and activates, he concluded.

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